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Dr Disrespect calls out Epic Games for Jarvis permanent ban

By Olivia Richman


Nov 8, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Streaming personality Dr Disrespect has come forward in support of FaZe Clan’s Frazier “Jarvis” Kaye after the teenager was permanently banned from Fortnite for using aimbots in a YouTube video. 

In a recent stream, one viewer asked Dr Disrespect what his opinion of the whole situation was, and The Two-Time didn’t hold back. 

The streamer admitted that he had written off the ban at first when he read that Jarvis was using hacks. 

“You think, ‘Shit, get him out of here. Get him out,'” Dr Disrespect said. 

But when the Doc started looking into the situation a bit more, he realized that Jarvis hadn’t used hacks in a competitive setting. It wasn’t to “bump up his KD” or “grind champions league,” but was instead using an aimbot “for content on his YouTube channel.” 

For this reason, Dr Disrespect started to get heated. He called out Epic Games for being “clueless,” stating that Jarvis should have received a temporary ban instead. 

“One week. Two weeks. Boom. Then bring him back in. He knows. He wasn’t using it for anything. Are we such a sensitive society that people are making… Bring back Jarvis. Bring him back in. I’m sick of it,” he ranted. 

Fortnite players still angry at XXiF situation and Epic Games

Dr Disrespect also couldn’t help but bring up Epic Game’s inconsistent punishments for cheating. He referenced when infamous cheater Damion “Rise XXiF” Cook qualified for the $30 million World Cup after coming back from a two-week ban for cheating in qualifiers. 

While XXiF was boo’d at the World Cup whenever he popped up on screen, the real hostility from the Fortnite community was aimed at Epic Games. Many scoffed at the two-week suspension, expressing that it was not only short, but gave him a chance to qualify for the World Cup despite cheating in the tournament. This feeling only intensified when he did qualify. 

This was a comparison that others in the Fortnite community couldn’t help but make. FaZe Clan’s owner, Ricky Banks, brought up the same issue in a tweet. He called Jarvis’ lifetime ban “fucking ridiculous” for this very reason. 

Epic Games speaks out about Jarvis’ permaban

As big-name streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins called on Epic to reduce the sentence, Epic Games released a statement to back up their unpopular decision. 

The gaming developers told various news outlets that they had a “zero tolerance policy” for the use of cheating software, explaining how aimbots gave players an “unfair advantage” and “ruin games” for gamers who are “playing fairly.” 

Although Jarvis had not been using aimbots in a competitive setting, it’s possible Epic Games had taken note of Jarvis’ claim that he’d use the cheat in squads or duos if enough fans enjoyed the video. 


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