Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem become OWL 2023 champs

By Olivia Richman


Oct 2, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

The Florida Mayhem has been crowned the Overwatch League 2023 champions.

The Florida Mayhem has been dominant throughout the sixth season of the Overwatch League, leading them to a highly anticipated Grand Finals against Houston Outlaws. But it ended up being extremely one-sided, with Mayhem coming out 4-0.

At the start of the Grand Finals, it looked like Houston Outlaws had a chance to win over Mayhem. But Grand Finals MVP Tae-min “MER1T” Choi wasn’t about to let that happen.

MER1T led his team to victory every time, including a triple kill on Bastion on the third map. Going into the final map, Esperanca, it was another close battle but Mayhem continued to dominate.

Florida Mayhem do complete 180 in OWL

I remember the early seasons of the Overwatch League where Florida Mayhem was considered one of the worst teams in the league. Not only that, but the team was often surrounded by strange controversies like forcing their own players to drive vans and other unprofessional claims.

But over the years, Florida Mayhem has completely changed up its roster and professionalism. DPS player Baek “Checkmate” Seung-hun joined the team in 2020 and told the media that the squad “started from the bottom” but “rode the wave to the top” during a press conference following the victory.