Fallout TV show ending

Fallout TV show ending explained

By Olivia Richman


Apr 17, 2024

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The Fallout TV show follows Lucy MacLean as she leaves the vault for the first time in an attempt to rescue her kidnapped father in a very dangerous post-apocalyptic world. But how does the first season end? Does she find her dad?

The eight seasons of the Fallout TV show on Prime Video have been well received, with gamers noting that it stays quite true to the iconic open-world sci-fi series. While the characters, locations, and organizations are all taken from the video game, the storyline is brand new.

Here is what went down in the Fallout TV series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Fallout Season 1

Who is Siggi Wilzig in Fallout?

This Fallout character has secrets embedded in his skull, which was separated from the rest of his body in Episode 2. Individuals and organizations are fighting to find this decapitated head throughout the first season, including Lucy MacLean.

It’s later revealed at the end of the season that the secrets revolve around cold fusion, which could be used to rebuild humanity. This includes clean water and electricity, two things that the world is missing. This would only be possible, however, if Lucy’s dad reveals the secret code.

Maximus, a new Brotherhood of Steel member, gives the wrong skull to the organization near the end of the series to buy Lucy more time.

Does Lucy find her father in Fallout?

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Maximus’ plan puts the events in the finale into place. Once the Brotherhood of Steel’s leader realizes Maximus brought the wrong skull, the soldier says that he can lead the team to the real one along with his friend Dane. As this is happening, Lucy actually does find her father.

Lucy’s father has been trapped by Vault overseer Moldaver, who kidnapped him from the start. Lucy finds him in a cage and then accepts an invitation from Moldaver to have dinner amongst suffering prisoners. While she was desperate to start shooting up the place, Lucy remains calm and instead learns the story behind her father’s kidnapping.

What is the secret in the Fallout TV show?

Lucy, her brother Cooper, and other dwellers find out that the vaults are interconnected and inhabited by people who are frozen in capsules. The plan was to allow wealthier citizens the chance to survive by paying private companies to keep them alive through the conflict.

This actually includes Lucy’s father, Hank, who is over 200 years old. Through Moldaver’s monologuing, Lucy finds out that her mother ran from her father — taking her kids with her — when she finds out that Hank was planning something sinister. She ends up in an above ground city that has everything she ever dreamed of but Hank found her mother, took his kids back, and then burned the city she was hiding in to the ground.

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Even more horrifying, we find out that the aforementioned starving ghoul prisoner Moldaver has chained up is Lucy’s mother. Hank claims she became a ghoul while staying in the real world, which is why he kidnapped Lucy from her.

At this point, the Brotherhood arrives in an attempt to take the cold fusion information for themselves. A big conflict breaks out, with the Ghoul showing up to confront Lucy’s father. His family was one of the many that ended up killed in the fire that Hank started all those years ago. But Hank escapes, part of the Ghoul’s plan to find his wife and who is responsible for the apocalypse.

Lucy puts her mother out of her misery, says bye to Maximus, and heads out to find her father. Meanwhile, Moldaver starts the cold fusion process as she starts dying from gunshot wounds.

In a sudden flash forward, we see Lucy, the Ghoul, and his dog near the Hollywood sign. They’re on the hunt for Hank, which seems to be taking them towards New Vegas, also known as Site X. This is where a lot of the people responsible for the war and destruction live. It’s also the location of the most popular Fallout game, making Season 2 a very exciting prospect.


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