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Every Elden Ring trophy and achievement, which are missable

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 30, 2022

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FromSoftware loves hidden achievements, but fans love sniffing them out even more. Elden Ring has a ton of achievements and trophies to earn either by collecting ultra-rare items or defeating the game’s toughest boss, but some are missable.

Achievement hunters have a ton to dig into, especially since some achievements are straight-up impossible on a single save file. Here are all the achievements in Elden Ring and which one completionists should look out for.

The achievement lists pulled from this article are based on the PC version of Elden Ring. Triggers for completion and rarity might be slightly different on console version of the game.

All the achievements in Elden Ring

Below is a complete list of achievements in Elden Ring, including secret ones. Keep in mind that this section will be full of spoilers for boss fights and other events.

  • Age of the Stars
    • Achieve the “Age of the Stars” ending by completing Ranni’s questline and summoning her at the end of the main quest. Check out the full guide here to learn how to complete Elden Ring’s secret ending.
  • Ancestor Spirit
    • Defeat the optional Ancestor Spirit boss located in Siofra River Bank. Light up all the flaming towers and return to the corpse to travel to the boss arena.
  • Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
    • Defeat Astel, a hidden boss located past the Lake of Rot. This boss is also part of the Moonlight Greatsword quest involving Ranni the Witch.
  • Commander Niall
    • Defeat Commander Niall in Castle Sol in the Mountaintop of the Giants. Beating him grants one half of the medallion for accessing the Consecrated Snowfield and the Haligtree.
  • Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella
    • The Dragonking Soldier of Nokstella is an optional boss located in a small offshoot of the Ansel River Main. He also drops a powerful lightning incantation for faith builds.
  • Dragonlord Placidusax 
    • This boss achievement requires using a special emote action in a certain area of Crumbling Farum Azula. It is one of the few optional bosses that drops a Remembrance.
  • Elden Lord
    • Complete the game and pick the normal ending by repairing the Elden Ring. This is the default ending for the game and choosing the more hidden options will not grant it.
  • Elden Ring
    • Obtain all other achievements.
  • Elemer of the Briar
    • Defeat Elemer of the Briar, the final boss of The Shaded Castle located at the northern edge of the Altus Plateau. His weapon Marais Executioner’s Sword is one the necessary weapons for the Legendary Armaments achievement.
  • Erdtree Aflame
    • Set the Erdtree aflame using the giant furnace at the Mountaintop of the Giants. Melina will unlock this achievement for the player by sacrificing herself at the right time in the story.
  • Fire Giant
    • Defeat the last remaining fire giant, which guards the furnace at the Mountaintop of the Giants. This fight is challenging due to his massive health pool, but it’s required to reach the ending of Elden Ring.
  • God-Slaying Armament
    • To earn this Elden Ring achievement trophy, players must upgrade any weapon to the highest level. Normal weapons require +25 while special weapons need +10. Both types of final smithing stone are available in Crumbling Farum Azula and elsewhere.
  • Godfrey the First Lord
    • Defeat the shade of Godfrey boss located in Leyndell, the Royal Capital. The first match against Godfrey grants this achievement while the final boss rematch grants a different Elden Ring trophy.
  • Godskin Duo
    • Defeat the pair of Godskin monsters defending the exit to Crumbling Farum Azula. This fight is considered one of the toughest in the whole game, but clever usage of the arena makes it much easier.
  • Godskin Noble
    • This achievement comes from defeating the solitary Godskin Noble in Volcano Manor. There are multiple Godskin Nobles throughout the game, but this particular boss fight is the only one tied to an achievement.
  • Great Rune
    • Restore the power of a Great Rune. After defeating a shardbearer, players must visit the corresponding divine tower and reactivate the rune.
  • Hoarah Loux the Warrior
    • This is the second achievement earned by defeating Godfrey, First Elden Lord. This is the third-to-last boss fight in all of Elden Ring and is necessary for all endings.
  • Legendary Armaments
    • Acquire all nine Legendary Armaments scattered throughout the Lands Between. This is the only true missable trophy or achievement in Elden Ring. Two of the weapons are missable, with the Bolt of Gransax disappearing after a certain point in the story and the Radahn Festival removing the Ruins Greatsword. Check out our complete Legendary Armaments achievement guide for more information.
  • Legendary Ashen Remains
    • Acquire all six legendary Spirit Ashes. There are many more than just six unique spirit ashes, but only six of them count for this achievement.
  • Legendary Sorceries and Incantations
    • This Elden RIng achievement requires acquiring all of the legendary spells in Elden Ring.
      • Greyoll’s Roar
      • Elden Stars
      • Flame of the Fell God
      • Stars of Ruin
      • Founding Rain of Stars
      • Ranni’s Dark Moon
      • Comet Azur
  • Legendary Talismans
    • This is another Elden Ring collection achievement for finding all of the legendary passive boosts in the game.
      • Radagon’s Soreseal
      • Moon of Nokstella
      • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
      • Erdtree’s Favor +2
      • Old Lord’s Talisman
      • Marika’s Soreseal
      • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
      • Radagon’s Icon
  • Leonine Misbegotten
    • Defeat the Leonine Misbegotten boss at the very southern tip of the Lands Between. This is a key part of advancing Irina’s quest and getting a Legendary Armament in Castle Morne.
  • Lichdragon Fortissax
    • This Elden Ring achievement comes from defeating Lichdragon Fortissax in the Darkroot Depths. He is a required boss to achieve Fia’s Age of Duskborn ending and achievement.
  • Lord of Frenzied Flame
    • This is another alternate ending achievement in Elden Ring. In this ending, the player character burns the Lands Between to the ground and turns their own head into a swirling ball of fire.
  • Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree
    • This achievement comes from beating Loretta at the entrance to Ephael, Brace of the Haligtree. It is also possible to fight Loretta in Carian Manor as a part of Ranni’s questline, but that fight grants a completely different achievement.
  • Magma Wyrm Makar
    • This achievement is unlocked by beating Magma Wyrm Makar at the Ruin-Strewn Precipice in the northern edge of Liurnia. There are several other Magma Wyrm bosses throughout Elden Ring, but this is the only one that grants an achievement.
  • Maliketh the Black Blade
    • Defeat Maliketh the Black Blade in Crumbling Farum Azula. This is a required boss fight and is arguably the start of the endgame boss fight gauntlet.
  • Margit the Fell Omen
    • Beat Margit at the entrance to Stormveil Castle. Margit has a reputation as a very challenging first boss, but players can explore several areas before taking him on.
  • Mimic Tear
    • Defeat the Mimic Tear boss in Nokron, Eternal City. This fight is tough since the enemy literally copies all of the player’s gear, items, and abilities. Take off all armor and weapons before entering the arena and put them back on after it spawns to turn it into a cakewalk.
  • Mohg, the Omen
    • Defeat the version of Mohg trapped in the Subterranean Shunning-Ground in Leyndell. This boss is completely optional, but it allows players to prepare for the true rematch later in Mohg, Lord of Blood.
  • Red Wolf of Radagon
    • Beat the canine guardian of Raya Lucaria Academy. This is a required fight to get to Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.
  • Regal Ancestor Spirit
    • Defeat the upgraded version of the Regal Ancestor close to Nokron. This requires lighting up a new set of flaming towers and traveling to another mystical boss arena via a deer corpse.
  • Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
    • Defeat Rennala in Raya Lucaria Academy. The player does not actually kill her to obtain her shard and can instead return to her to respec their character’s build and appearance.
  • Roundtable Hold
    • Simply arrive at Roundtable Hold. This area functions as a detached main hub with several upgrading services and NPCs to talk to.
  • Royal Knight Loretta
    • This second Loretta achievement is earned by defeating her ghostly form in Carian Manor. This is the easier version of the fight and rewards the player with Loretta’s magical longbow sorcery.
  • Shardbearer Godrick
    • Defeat Godrick the Grafted and claim his great rune for yourself. This is meant to be the first rune earned by the player, so the fight is relatively straightforward.
  • Shardbearer Malenia
  • Shardbearer Mohg
    • Defeat the Lord of Blood in Mohgwyn Palace. There are multiple ways to get to his boss arena, including a quest from early NPC Varre.
  • Shardbearer Morgott
    • Margit returns for a rematch in his true form in Leyndell. This is the last fight before venturing to the Mountaintop of the Giants and is required for all endings.
  • Shardbearer Radahn
    • Defeat Starscourge Radahn in the south end of Caelid. This boss fight is extremely bombastic with up to 10 summoned spirits running at the giant general.
  • Shardbearer Rykard
    • Claim Rykard’s great rune by defeating him in Volcano Manor. Players can access his boss arena either through a lengthy dungeon or by completing several assassination contracts for the Manor.
  • Valiant Gargoyle
    • This achievement requires taking on a gank fight with two different gargoyle giants. This fight is hidden out of the way in a secluded area of Nokron near the Regal Ancestor Spirit arena portal.

The rarest achievements in Elden Ring

Aside from the obvious “all achievements” achievement, the three rarest Elden RIng achievement trophies are currently Lord of Frenzied Flame, Legendary Armaments, and Legendary Talismans.

The Lord of Frenzied Flame is arguably the most difficult of the endings to achieve. It requires a convoluted path involving several NPCs and obscure checklists. It’s also arguably the worst ending for the Lands Between, as everything burns with no positive results in sight.

The ending cutscene even involves Melina swearing vengeance against the Tarnished for their actions, promising to deliver “Destined Death” upon them. Only 7.1% of players currently have this achievement on Steam.

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The other two are checklist achievements involving some of the hardest items to acquire in all of Elden Ring. Some of the Legendary Armaments are even missable, which further hurts players’ chances of acquiring them all. Both the talismans and weapons must be all acquired on a single save file, further raising the rarity. Less than 9% of players have either of these achievements.

Missable trophies and achievements in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is quite generous in terms of its achievements and trophies, with very few being missable within a playthrough.

There are three different trophies and achievements related to Elden Ring’s endings, which require either multiple playthroughs or manipulating saves. Players can technically get all three endings in one playthrough if they use save backups.

The Lord of Frenzied Flame ending is widely believed to be missable, as an invasion involving Festering Fingerprint Vyke is seemingly bugged and becomes unavailable for unknown reasons. This doesn’t prevent players from getting this ending. Regardless, players should look for the Church of Inhibition and trigger the invasion as soon as they reach the Liurnia of the Lakes region.

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The one legitimately missable trophy is the Legendary Armaments. Two of the Legendary Armaments are missable. The Bolt of Gransax needs to be found in Leyndell before it becomes the Capital of Ash. The Ruins Greatsword needs to be obtained by clearing Redmane Castle before the start of the Radahn Festival.

The good news is that even if the trophies are missed, most of Elden Ring is optional. It won’t be difficult to just sprint through a NG+ cycle en route to whatever achievements were missed.


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