Where to find the Church of Inhibition for Hyetta in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Mar 16, 2022

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The Church of Inhibition is one of many ruined churches around the Lands Between in Elden Ring, and it’s a place worth seeking out.

You’re most likely to encounter the Church of Inhibition on your way upwards to the Grand Lift of Rold, winding your way towards the capital. There are a couple of potentially useful items as well as a useful upgrade material in the Church of Inhibition. It also can be the tail end of a quest related to an alternate ending of the game.

Where is the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring?

The Church of Inhibition stands on top of a ridge in northeastern Liurnia. The best way to find it is to pass the Frenzied Flame Village heading northwest or to wind your way south up the mountain from the Bellum Highway.

Those seeking it out are likely working to complete Hyetta’s quest, which relates to an alternate ending for Elden Ring. It’s important to note that is that players need to get the “Note: Lord of Frenzied Flame” info item from the Frenzied Flame Village before entering the Church of Inhibition and activating its Site of Grace. Approaching the church without the item has been tied to a probable bug that prevents an invasion required to finish the quest.

In order to reach the church, players will need to find it by passing the Tower of Frenzied Flame. This tower will regularly summon a flame that increases the madness bar and drains HP and FP while within its line of sight. Making it to the church means hiding behind rocks and cover as you make your way towards the church.

When nearing the Church of Inhibition, a hostile NPC named Festering Finger Vyke will invade. Sprint clear past Vyke and touch the Site of Grace so that you’ll respawn closer should Vyke best you. Once Vyke is defeated, feel free to wander around the church.

The dead body of a Finger Maiden that has their armor set as well as a Sacred Tear that can be used to upgrade your flasks. The dead Finger Maiden is also important for completing Varre’s questline without sacrificing any Swordstone Keys or killing any NPCs, which is nice given how other questlines pan out.


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