How to get Mimic Tear Ashes, the best Spirit Ash in Elden Ring

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The Mimic Tear Spirit Ash turns every Elden Ring boss into a gank fight in your favor.

Spirit Ash is one of the most important mechanics in Elden Ring. The feature allows players to summon ghostly allies for tougher fights and boss battles. Some are best for tanking hits while others dish out massive damage. One particular Spirit Ash does both by using the exact same build as the player. Here’s how to get the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash and what makes it so good in Elden Ring.

Mimic Tear is located in Eternal City, Nokron

The Mimic Tear Spirit Ash can be found by players after they reach the Eternal City, Nokron.

Players must first gain access to the underground city, which isn’t easy. This special event occurs in the Mistwoods right after the fight against Starscourge Radahn. Head to the new crater in the forest and drop down into Nokron. From here, the level is fairly linear until the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. From there, turn away from the forest and head onto the rooftops of Nokron. Hop to an adjacent roof and over a bell tower onto an area with two Silver Tear invaders.

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After the fight, advance to find a broken-down archway with two windows at the end. Cross it to find a room with an altar and a hallway on the left side. Go down the hall to find a gargoyle statue asking for Stonesword Keys. Insert one and then sneak up on the swordstress guarding the chest. Once defeated, open the chest and grab the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash to use for yourself.

Is the Mimic Tear Ash a good item in Elden Ring?

The Mimic Tear Ash is arguably the strongest Spirit Ash in all of Elden Ring.

There are several traits that make Mimic Tear a top-tier Spirit Ash. The strongest point is that it entirely replicates the player’s build, right down to consumable items. The Mimic Tear can heal with Flasks, cast spells, and build up status effects just like the player. Access to healing makes it one of the tankiest Spirit Ashes available in the game. Putting consumables like Grease buffs and Warming Stones will allow the Mimic tear to use them without consuming them from your inventory.

The Mimic Tear can also be used to accelerate status effects. If the player uses a bleed build, the Mimic Tear can also build up bleed on the same target to proc multiple bleeds very quickly. This also applies to other statuses like poison and Scarlet Rot. This trait also applies to staggers, which is especially useful in boss fights. On top of all of that, the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash costs health to use instead of FP. This makes it even better suited to FP-heavy builds like intelligence and faith.

The only downside is that the Mimic Tear will sometimes initiate critical hits, dealing less damage than the player. That minor downside doesn’t stop the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash from being one of the strongest tools in all of Elden Ring.


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