How to find Siofra River Well in Elden Ring, get its best items

By Nicholas James


Mar 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Siofra River is a location in Elden Ring that can be accessed through either Limgrave or Caelid.

In order to find the underground region of Siofra River, the player has to take one of two separate Siofra River Well lifts that take them deep into the underground biome. Here’s how to find Siofra River and how to unlock its optional boss.

How to find Siofra River in Elden Ring

Given that the region is deep underground, though it’s hard to tell with the starry sky above, the only safe way of reaching it is via a lift. There are two ways to get down to it, each an elevator located in separate regions. The first is in Limgrave, the starting area where your Tarnished makes their first steps towards greatness.

On the eastern border of Limgrave, directly south of the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace, is the Siofra River Well location. In a large stone mausoleum stands a magical circular lift. Enter the mausoleum and stand on the lift in order to engage it and head below.

The other option is the Deep Siofra Well in Caelid, east and slightly south from the Minor Erdtree. This is another lift that can be accessed to take the player down into Siofra River, this time on the eastern side.

The best items in Siofra River

There are some incredibly useful items to be uncovered in Siofra River. Among these are a variety of Smithing Stones, the Horn Bow, Ash of War: Square Off, a Stonesword Key, and the Great Oracular Bubble sorcery.

The Horn Bow is a strength and dexterity-scaling weapon that needs intelligence to be wielded optimally and excels when using magic-infused arrows. The Horn Bow can be found in the southeastern corner of the area, near the stairs that lead down to the Hallowhorn Grounds area. The Horn Bow adds magic damage to arrows fired and can deal devastating damage when used in tandem with Dwelling Arrows.

The Great Oracular Bubble sorcery is a slow-moving AoE that offers splash damage to mages who find themselves wanting more of it. This one requires player to parkour their way through the ruins ahead of the elevator players are initially dropped in. There will be is a beetle inside a set of old ruins that grants the sorcery after being killed.

Ash of War: Square Off works somewhat like the Samurai’s Unsheathe, pulling the weapon up into a holding position that can be used to unleash a powerful attack. It’s an excellent option for those looking to punish openings. It’s once again found on a beetle, with this one being in an out-of-the-way location overlooking a cliff.