All Legendary Armaments for the Elden Ring achievement trophy

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 23, 2022

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Elden Ring is full of awesome weapons, but the Legendary Armaments are the coolest of them all.

There are tons of cool treasures to find throughout the Lands Between. From stylish armor to dazzling spells, every corner has a treasure just waiting for an inquisitive player. The Legendary Armaments is a set of nine weapons scattered throughout Elden Ring with a secret achievement for finding them all. Here are all nine required weapons and where to get them.

Every Legendary Armament in Elden Ring

There are nine Legendary Armaments in Elden Ring for players to collect. Most of them can be found in isolated or hidden locations throughout the Lands Between while others are rewards for boss encounters. There is one missable weapon in the game that players need to worry about, which can only be found in Redmane Castle before the Radahn Festival.

Bolt of Gransax

The only spear Legendary Armament in Elden Ring is accessible just after a fight against a major character. After taking on Godfrey, First Elden Lord in Leyndell, head out the newly opened gate and take an elevator down. The legendary dragon’s weapon will be there for the taking.

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The Bolt of Gransax is a spear with innate lightning damage that requires 20 strength and a whopping 40 dexterity. The Legendary Armament gets its name from a unique weapon art that turns the spear into a weapon fit for Elden Ring dragons. While the dragons of Dark Souls are weak to lightning, those found in the Lands Between wield it as their signature element.

Dark Moon Greatsword

The Dark Moon Greatsword is the most difficult Legendary Armament to acquire in all of Elden Ring. It involves a massive quest chain involving Ranni the Witch, the legendary Rune of Death, and a massive alien that lives under the earth. It also requires trips to not one, not two, but three lost underground civilizations. Check out the guide to finding the Moonlight Greatsword for the full rundown on what to do.

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The Dark Moon Greatsword is an overall decent weapon that is mostly held back by its speed. Both attack types are slow and the weapon art, which is literally named Moonlight Greatsword, is tough to use effectively. The Legendary Armament’s real value comes from its heritage as a recurring weapon in FromSoftware games, making it essential for the Elden Ring achievement.

Devourer’s Scepter

Getting the Devourer’s Scepter Legendary Armament requires killing one of the earliest friendly characters players meet in Elden Ring. Bernahl of the Warmaster’s Shack starts out as a simple warrior interested in Ashes of War. After story progression, it’s revealed that he is actually a servant of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. It’s possible to get it very early just by killing him, but there’s a more justified fight later on in Farum Azula.

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The Devourer’s Scepter is a faith-based war hammer directly linked to Rykard. It’s essentially the hammer version of the Blasphemous Blade, especially when it comes to the weapon skill. Devourer of Worlds is a charged stomp that sucks health away from nearby enemies, healing the user in the process. It has a high FP cost, but it’s great for taking out crowds of enemies and recovering from stray hits.

Eclipse Shotel

The Eclipse Shotel is found in Castle Sol in the north end of the Mountaintop of the Giants. It sits on an altar protected by a handful of enemies on the side of the castle. It has a high faith requirement of 30, but grants access to the deadliest status effect in all of Elden Ring.

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The Eclipse Shotel’s claim to fame is its weapon skill, which applies deathblight to the weapon. In the launch version of Elden Ring, the Legendary Armament became incredibly notorious in PvP due to a glitch with Fire’s Deadly Sin. For some reason, activating the deathblight buff while using Deadly Sin would emit the death status all around the player. This was thankfully fixed in the version 1.03 patch.

Golden Order Greatsword

The Golden Order Greatsword is said to be the signature weapon of King Radagon, but it’s currently in the possession of a very lowly enemy. Head to the Cave of the Forlorn dungeon just south of the Consecrated Snowfield Minor Erdtree. Enter from the river and progress to the boss, a Misbegotten Crusader wielding the Golden Order Greatsword. Defeat the remixed Elden Ring boss to claim the Legendary Armament for yourself.

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The Golden Order Greatsword is a greatsword with B faith scaling at +10. In addition to being necessary for the Legendary Armament’s achievement, the flavor text for the blade sheds some interesting light on Radagon’s lore. It appears to be based on a gift from first wife Rennala before their sudden divorce. Did Radagon, and by extension Marika, alter the weapon as an apology to Rennala? It’s up to the player to decide.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

The Grafted Blade Greatsword is tied to an optional boss fight on the south shore of Castle Morne. It’s a reward for defeating the Leonine Misbegotten guarding the beach. This fight is not particularly difficult, as the Weeping Peninsula is effectively Elden Ring’s real tutorial area. Make sure to check in with Edgar in the Castle after defeating the Misbegotten to advance Irina’s Quest.

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As for its stats, the Grafted Blade Greatsword is a pure physical weapon that requires a daunting 40 strength to wield. Oath of Vengeance is a powerful buff that raises all stats including poise for a brief period of time. The sword’s design could be an homage to George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire franchise. The blade is composed of dozens of swords melted together not unlike the iconic Iron Throne from that series.

Marais Executioner’s Sword

To get the Marais Executioner’s Sword, players must venture into the option field dungeon of the Shaded Castle in Altus Plateau. Elemer of the Briar awaits at the end as the final boss. This is a tough fight against a very aggressive enemy,  but the Legendary Armament he wields is worth fighting for. UIp defeat, he will drop the Marais Executioner’s Sword.

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This Legendary Armament has solid scaling in both strength and arcane. The unique weapon skill Eochaid’s Dancing Blade sends the sword spiraling forward, dealing heavy damage to anything in its path. The story of Elemer is unfortunately scarce, though he is said to have stolen the blade from his own executioner.

Ruins Greatsword

The Ruins Greatsword is a missable item that can prevent players from getting this Elden Ring trophy on a playthrough. Players must head to Redmane Castle before the Radahn fight becomes available. They must take on and defeat both a Crucible Knight and a Misbegotten Warrior to get the Ruins Greatsword.

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Most of the weapons on this list are incredible feats of forgery or magic, but the Ruins Greatsword is literally a chunk of wall attached to a stick. It is said to have fallen from the sky, most likely from Farum Azula based on the design. It’s definitely the least elegant of the Legendary Armaments, but it’s hard to argue against S strength scaling at +10.

Sword of Night and Flame

The final weapon on this list of Elden Ring Legendary Armaments is also the most useful. The Sword of Night and Flame is available in Carian Manor by falling down the ramparts into a damaged building. It is then protected by a chest and a few enemies. Check our complete guide for a more detailed explanation of how to get it.

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The Night and Flame is already one of the most infamous weapons in all of Elden Ring. The sword scales off every combat stat and comes with two extremely powerful spells built into its special stance. The Night Comet is an extremely powerful laser beam that cuts through multiple enemies for a relatively low FP cost. The alternate Night and Flame stance attack sends a swirl of fire all around the player. This makes it equally suited to both boss fights and horse encounters in the open world.


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