How to get Comet Azur, the most OP spell in all of Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Mar 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

If you’ve seen a clip of an Elden Ring player one-shotting a boss with a torrent of blue energy and want to try it out, here’s how to get Comet Azur.

Comet Azur is a legendary sorcery that is used by a couple of enemies in the game, most notably Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Comet Azur is an incredibly powerful sustained spell that can deal thousands upon thousands of damage with one cast. Tracking it down isn’t too difficult.

Comet Azur location in Elden Ring

In order to get the legendary Comet Azur sorcery, you will have to find the former mentor of NPC Sorceress Sellen.

Sorceress Sellen has her own questline that requires you to meet the NPC that gives you Comet Azur, but her questline is not required to get the sorcery. Players don’t need to worry if they’ve angered Sellen.

In the northeast of Altus Plateau, on Mount Gelmir, there is a sheer cliff and an optional boss named Demi-Human Maggie. You don’t need to fight Maggie, instead head to far left side of the cliff to find a strange, mutated sorcerer. This is Primeval Sorcerer Azur, and just interacting with him will give you the Comet Azur spell.

Comet Azur has become the go-to spell for one-shot montages, with players able to shred through nightmarish bosses like Starscourge Radahn in a single cast of the spell. The spell can’t be adjusted, so make sure the target will be standing still for long enough to capitalize on it.

This legendary sorcery requires 60 intelligence to use, costs 40 FP per cast, and has a stamina cost of 34. While some of these costs are more expensive, it hits so far above its weight class that it’s a steal of a deal. Once you have this sorcery, you have one of the best damage spells in the game and are ready to take on any boss.


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