Dr Disrespect streamer awards

Dr Disrespect shares harsh thoughts on Streamer Awards

By Olivia Richman


Mar 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

It was probably one of the most controversial moments in Twitch history when Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV was banned from the streaming platform, and its effects continue to be felt today.

Since that fateful moment, Dr Disrespect has been dealing with behind-the-scenes legal issues with Twitch, claiming that it has ruined his reputation and gotten in the way of financial opportunities, like sponsorships. The latest issue may have been Dr Disrespect’s blatant exclusion from the first annual Streamer Awards.

Dr Disrespect comments on 2022 Streamer Awards

The 2022 Streamer Awards was a streaming award show organized by Blaire “QTCinderella” and Maya Higa, created “by streamers” and “for streamers.” It was meant to be a more authentic and less corporate streaming show that celebrated popular creators ranging from gamers to hot tub streamers.

But Dr Disrespect wasn’t a big fan of the 2022 Streamer Awards. After discussing his new game, Project Moon, the Two-Time decided to make some comments about the Streamer Awards on stream.

“On this channel, we’re not interested in short-term collaborations just so everyone can forget the next day. We’re not interested in creating our own streamer awards show so we can hand it to our best friends. Wrong,” Dr Disrespect said during his stream.

Dr Disrespect’s viewers responded with amusement, saying “yikes,” “true,” and “he said the thing.” The Doc moved on from the comment almost immediately, but it was definitely a highlight of the stream that wasn’t overlooked by fans.

It’s unclear if Dr Disrespect is truly angry about being left out of the Streamer Awards, but he definitely seems to be siding with the people who feel that the results were rigged. Many accused the most coveted award, the Streamer of the Year award, of being biased since winner Ludwig is dating host QTCinderella.

It’s also unclear why the Two-Time wasn’t included in any of the dozens of categories. It’s possible this had to do with his Twitch ban, with QTCinderella worried to even mention Dr Disrespect while streaming the show on Twitch. But this is not something either streamer has addressed.