Dr Disrespect sue

Dr Disrespect says he’s suing Twitch over his permaban

By Olivia Richman


Aug 24, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

When Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm was permanently banned from Twitch, it became one of the biggest streaming stories of all time.

The Two-Time seemed to be on top of the world when things suddenly came crashing down, and even though Dr Disrespect has found other ways to continue building his brand, including streaming on YouTube and starting his own game development studio, the popular streamer recently opened up about the hardships that come with being permanently banned from Twitch.

Dr Disrespect explained that he and his team have been trying to “maximize” what they have to work with and have found success thanks to their fans, but the Twitch ban allegedly impacted the Two-Time financially. From broken relationships with big brands to lost sponsorships, the ban has been a big issue for the streamer.

“The relationships we’ve built over the past five years with EA, Activision…The blacklisting, the shadowbanning…It’s happening. We are doing well enough. But I’ll tell you, it’s been disheartening. A rollercoaster of emotion. It absolutely f—ing sucks,” Dr Disrespect said.

Dr Disrespect explained that the news of his Twitch ban is often the first thing people see when they Google him. The headlines often say “nobody knows why” the Two-Time was banned, which has made the situation even worse.

“You think a big-time company like Nike is going to want to work with that big question mark?” Doc asked his followers. “Or Disney? It fucking sucks. It really fucking sucks. I don’t know how else to put it, man. It has affected us in so many different ways.”

Dr Disrespect says he knows why he was banned from Twitch

Despite the headlines saying that “nobody knows why” Dr Disrespect was banned, the streamer finally admitted that he does now. And he’s known for a few months now.

“I do know the reason why now,” the Doc admitted. “I’ve known for months now.”

While Dr Disrespect wouldn’t tell his viewers the exact reason Twitch decided to permanently ban him, the FPS master seemed to hint that the reason was quite unfair.

“I’ll say this right now…There’s a reason why we are suing the f— out of them,” the Two-Time said with a laugh. “I don’t know how else to put it.”

Dr Disrespect told his fans that the amount of damage caused by the sudden permanent ban from the platform has cost the Two Time and his team a large amount of revenue. This is due to losing partnerships and missing out on sponsorship opportunities.

What happened to Dr Disrespect?

It was June 26, 2020. The world was a different place but many found comfort in the streaming world, seeing familiar faces play games and chat with followers, but things changed suddenly as Dr Disrespect was suddenly banned from Twitch.

Right after the ban, Dr Disrespect was very cryptic about the situation. It left many fans with questions not only about the reason behind the Two Time’s permaban but what he would do next. For a while it seemed like he may do music or TV shows. Others wondered if he was doing something illegal.

But in the end, Dr Disrespect started streaming on YouTube, where he remains a big name in streaming. His first stream back saw incredible numbers even though it was just a still image with his song playing on repeat.

Since then, Dr Disrespect has continued to trend due to his strong opinions of Call of Duty: Warzone. He has also called on Netflix to hire him for some interesting streaming show concepts. The Two Time then announced that he was creating his own games built with and around streamers. It seems like the Doc is still expanding his opportunities and finding more ways to create content.

Even so, the permanent ban from Twitch has caused a lot of frustration for Dr Disrespect. Fans will most definitely be on the lookout for updates on the Two Time’s lawsuit against the streaming platform.