Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast reveals why he respects YouTubers over streamers

By Olivia Richman


Apr 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Streaming star Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang recently admitted that he respects YouTubers more than Twitch streamers. And there’s a reason for it.

Disguised Toast has had an interesting history with Twitch. He recently moved back to Twitch despite sharing some controversial details about the platform just weeks before. The streamer alleged that Twitch refused to offer Disguised Toast a bigger contract since the company already had other big-name streamers that also happened to be Asian.

Disguised Toast still called the platform his “home,” tweeting that it “made sense” to return to Twitch since it’s where many of his fans were. But even while on Twitch, Disguised Toast ran into more drama with the platform. He was recently banned for showing copyrighted television shows, something he later claimed he did on purpose to “scare other streamers.”

Disguised Toast has now shared insight into his opinions on the streaming platform while on Matt Stonie’s episode of the OfflineTV Podcast. According to Disguised Toast, YouTubers are more respectable than Twitch streamers.

Why does Disguised Toast respect Youtubers more than streamers?

Disguised Toast opened up about the “ugly” side of streaming on the OfflineTV Podcast, calling himself jaded for knowing what it takes to be big in the streaming world.

“I feel like I have more respect for YouTubers. But that also might be because I’m so deeply integrated with the streaming community. I know how the sausage is made, and it is ugly,” Disguised Toast said.

According to Disguised Toast, it’s easier for Youtubers to “exist independently” from other content creators. In contrast, streamers will often rely on collaborations to grow and make more money. This creates a “very weird” dynamic where streamers are in competition with each other despite also needing to work together.

“You can be successful on YouTube on your own, and that is more respectable to me than it coming down to who you know, who you collab with, and the amount of drama you farm,” Disguised Toast said.