Disguised Toast ban

Disguised Toast claims he got himself banned to scare streamers

By Olivia Richman


Jan 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has now claimed that his recent DMCA suspension was apparently a publicity stunt.

On January 10, Disguised Toast received a DMCA strike for watching Death Note. He was on the final episode of the popular anime when he was suspended, making for quite the cliffhanger. At the time, Disguised Toast joked that Twitch should have waited 20 minutes for the finale to end. It was clear that it wasn’t a big deal to Disguised Toast, or to some other big content creators on the platform.

Now, Disguised Toast has revealed why he isn’t too worried about the situation.

Disguised Toast explains reason behind his Twitch ban

While Disguised Toast seemed surprised at the time to receive a suspension, the streamer was apparently doing it all on purpose. The OfflineTV streamer recently went on stream to claim he staged the entire suspension in an attempt to “scare” other streamers.

According to Disguised Toast, he started watching anime on stream after Ludwig warned streamers not to. He then told Lilypichu to submit a DMCA claim against him. Meanwhile, Disguised Toast was able to watch the entire season of Death Note.

“When I started this whole thing, I didn’t expect it to go that long,” Disguised Toast said.

After two long weeks, Toast finally faced consequences for the anime streaming. But Disguised Toast had more to say on the situation, including that people will just “believe everything they see and hear.”

Once he was suspended, Disguised Toast told his fans he was gone from Twitch for a month. He added that people wrongly believed that he was surprised by the suspension.

“Well, the DMCA strike was the thing I actually was expecting. The thing that was unexpected was how long it took [to receive it],” Disguised Toast said.

Why did Disguised Toast get himself banned from Twitch?

According to Disguised Toast, he had no real reason to get banned from Twitch. He said it was possible he was just “bored.” While the situation did get out of hand, he still achieved his alleged goal of warning streamers against breaking copyright rules on Twitch.

“This has been happening on Twitch for years. Are you mad about it now because I put on a top hat and spelled it out? This whole thing has been a really eye-opening experience. I’m not the good guy. I broke rules,” Disguised Toast said.

The streamer added that the DMCA system is “broken” and admitted he shouldn’t have been able to watch the whole series. He also questioned why Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker received a “false DMCA claim.” Disguised Toast didn’t “enjoy the risk” and “didn’t enjoy breaking the rules.”

While the result was Disguised Toast getting suspended, it’s still unclear if he really achieved his goal, or even if his claim is true to begin with. Streamers are still taking part in the recent “MasterChef meta,” streaming popular reality shows and anime series despite the inherent risks.


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