Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast back on Twitch after contract controversy

By Olivia Richman


Nov 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang fans are not surprised to see the streamer back on Twitch, but it’s still an exciting update.

The popular streamer made the announcement on Twitter, celebrating his return to Twitch by awkwardly eating a cake by himself.

“I didn’t think I’d be back here so soon but here we are. This place was my home. A lot of viewers and fans watch me on this platform. It just made a lose of sense, you know, to be here,” Disguised Toast said in a video.


Disguised Toast returns to Twitch after leaving Facebook Gaming

Disguised Toast left Twitch two years ago to stream exclusively on Facebook Gaming. During his time on the new platform, he didn’t seem to regret the switch at all. At one point, while a guest on Miyoung “Kkatamina” Kim’s Twitch stream, he said that he has the freedom to do “whatever he wants” on Facebook Gaming instead of “slaving away” on Twitch.

But two years after signing his contract with Facebook Gaming, Disguised Toast announced he was leaving Facebook Gaming. The OfflineTV member wasn’t shy about his next move, hinting on Kkatamina’s stream that he was most likely returning to his original streaming platform.

“You think I should go to YouTube or Twitch, guys?” Disguised Toast asked the viewers.

Fans of the gamer were not surprised that Disguised Toast was returning to Twitch. He has still been streaming in Twitch’s Just Chatting channel while contracted with Facebook Gaming, but without his Twitch Partner status.

Now he is partnered with Twitch once again. He already has well over 2 million followers on the streaming platform.

Why did Disguised Toast leave Twitch?

Disguised Toast recently revealed that Twitch insulted him with a very low offer in 2019. According to the streamer, Twitch offered him 30 times less than Facebook Gaming, a big reason behind his decision.

“A lot of people wonder why I changed platforms. It’s because two years ago, Twitch offered me less money than I was already making on the platform. Bro, this is the most insulted I ever felt,” Disguised Toast recalled.

But the reason behind the offer was even more offensive.

While negotiating the offer, Disguised Toast’s team brought up the fact that he was one of the platform’s biggest Asian content creators but Twitch allegedly said he wasn’t a big enough Asian streamer to change the contract, even comparing him to Faker, the League of Legends veteran.

He said later that he didn’t believe Twitch meant it in a racist way. But others were already shocked by the situation, noting that it sounded like Twitch had an “Asian quota” that was already met despite the two streamers being nothing alike.