Disguised Toast jabs xQc for gambling addiction in Rust event

By Olivia Richman


Aug 13, 2022

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been under fire from social media, fans, other streamers, and even family due to what he labels as a gambling addiction. Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang was the latest to call him out, choosing to do so during the Twitch Rivals Rust event.

While the streaming superstar has expressed disdain for gambling in the past, xQc has recently come forward to profess his love for gambling. He has wagered millions on slots, something he proudly showed to his viewers, and even told fans they can leave if they didn’t want to watch him gamble on stream.

At the time, many fans felt that xQc was spiraling out of control. Now, fellow streamers are expressing a similar sentiment.

Disguised Toast calls out xQc for gambling addiction

Disguised Toast is currently hosting a Twitch Rivals Rust event that has four teams competing to survive. The teams are Team xQc, Team Disguised Toast, Team Dhalucard, and Team Grefg.

During an interview-like section of the event, Disguised Toast decided to call out xQc. He essentially accused xQc of not supporting his team enough in-game but was actually using the tournament as a way to riff on xQc’s real-life issues.

“X, I know you’re down like 30,000, but I really think you can hit it big if you just go ahead and grab all your team’s scrap and try and make it back. I think that would definitely work out,” Disguised Toast started. “Unless you aren’t actually good at gambling and you actually admit that gambling loses you money over the long term…”

While the statement started off as a joke, it soon became clear that Disguised Toast was actually addressing xQc’s self-diagnosed gambling problem. The former Overwatch League pro’s gambling problem has been a huge topic of discussion after he failed to show up for a Black Ops 2 tournament, ditching it to play slots on stream.

But even before that incident, the streaming community was growing worried. xQc’s own father had called him mid-stream back in May after he heard of his $1.8 million gambling loss. Gambling has been a problem within the family, which is why his father felt the need to address what he heard.

“I think it’s fun. I’m addicted…That’s illness! I’m ill! But I can afford to be ill! I’m lucky,” xQc yelled to viewers around that time.


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