Dexter: New Blood ending explained

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 12, 2024

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Dexter: New Blood, the revival of the hit crime drama series Dexter, is still worth binge-watching. If you recently saw it and couldn’t really grasp the ending, here’s what happened. 

If you are a fan of crime/drama shows and haven’t yet watched Dexter: New Blood, brace for spoilers. If you’re just shocked at the mind-numbing finale, keep reading to understand the ending. 

What happened in Dexter: New Blood? 

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In the final moments of Dexter: New Blood, Dexter Morgan, portrayed by the talented Michael C. Hall, finds himself at a crossroads. After a series of events that threaten his loved ones, Dexter makes a life-altering decision. He chooses to fake his own death and embark on a new life as Jim Lindsay. 

This decision is not made alone. With the unwavering support of his sister, Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), and the love and understanding of his newfound partner, Angela Bishop (Julia Jones), Dexter is able to vanish and start anew, leaving his past behind.

As the series concludes, we see Dexter, now living in a small town called Iron Lake, working as a sales associate at a local store. He seems to have found some semblance of peace and a chance at a fresh start. However, the dark passenger within him still remains, and it becomes clear that Dexter’s urge to kill is not easily suppressed.

When Harrison finds his father, it doesn’t take long for Dexter to try to take him under his win and enable his son’s dark passenger. With new tricks and manipulation tactics, Dexter tries hard to turn his son into himself. He may have been successful if he hadn’t killed Harrison’s wrestling coach.

Does Dexter die in the Dexter: New Blood ending?

Dexter: New Blood ending

In the final episode of “Dexter: New Blood,” titled “Sins of the Father,” tensions between Dexter and Harrison reach a boiling point. Dexter learns about Harrison’s true nature and the extent of his dark tendencies, realizing that he may have inadvertently passed on his dark passenger to his son. 

As the end approaches, Dexter’s girlfriend arrests him as she grows increasingly suspicious of his killer nature. While trying to escape from a jail cell, Dexter kills the key-carrying Sergeant Logan (Alano Miller), who was also Harrison’s mentoring wrestling coach. 

Sergeant Logan, played by Alano Miller, plays a significant role in the events leading up to Dexter’s death. Logan becomes a father figure to Harrison after they form a close bond. Logan’s presence and influence create a rift between Harrison and Dexter, further damaging their strained relationship. Harrison begins to see Logan as a positive influence and source of stability, contrasting with Dexter’s darker nature.

The climax occurs when Harrison, fueled by anger and resentment, confronts his father, holding a gun. Dexter then explains to his son how to shoot him the right way to make sure the bullet finishes the job. The series ends with Dexter lying on the ground, seemingly lifeless, while Harrison stands over him, processing the gravity of what he has done.

This should clear up the Dexter: New Blood ending.


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