The reason why Dexter New Blood was canceled

By Melany Moncada


Feb 19, 2023

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It is confirmed that Dexter New Blood won’t be returning for a second season. The show had outstanding numbers on Showtime, leaving fans wondering why Dexter New Blood was canceled.

Dexter aired on Showtime from 2006 to 2013. The show had eight seasons and a loyal following, making it one of the most successful of its time. Fans were attracted by the premise of a forensic analyst turned vigilante as a way to deal with his childhood trauma.

Dexter had one of the most controversial and disappointing endings in TV history. At the show’s end, Dexter kills his adoptive sister and police detective Debra Morgan and then drives his boat into a hurricane, implying that he dies. It all turns out to be a ploy, and after faking his death, Dexter moves to Oregon to become a lumberjack.

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Fans were quick to express their disappointment and, after years, couldn’t let it go. Public opinion is partly responsible for the return of the vigilante serial killer. Clyde Phillips, showrunner of the original show, was happy to announce that Dexter would return to the Showtime screen.

Dexter New Blood follows Dexter Morgan as he lives in a small New York town under the name Jim Lindsay. In this town, Dexter attempts to live a quiet life but returns to his old ways. Harrison, Dexter’s son, finds his estranged father and tries to make sense of their relationship.

In the end, Dexter’s past comes back to haunt him. When justice is about to be served, he escapes, only to ask Harrison to kill him. Harrison shoots Dexter and runs away.

During its ten episodes, Dexter New Blood averaged eight million views. Numbers that speak of the character’s popularity, even nine years after the end of the original show. Fans were expecting a second season following Harrison, but it is now official that it won’t happen.

Why was Dexter New Blood canceled?

While the show had a positive reception from nostalgic fans, Dexter New Blood also faced some criticism. Some critics pointed out how some of the storylines in the show made no sense based on what the audience already knew about Dexter as a character. The decision-making felt out of character, and overall, the show was only good if you didn’t think about it too hard.

Some believe that Dexter New Blood was created as an apology from showrunner Clyde Phillips. The show came to be because Phillips believed he could right his wrong and give the fans what they wanted. If those were actually Phillips’ intentions, he was only partially successful.

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It has been confirmed that there won’t be a Dexter New Blood season two. However, it doesn’t mean it is the end of Dexter Morgan. According to reports, Phillips is allegedly working on a prequel. This new show would focus on Dexter’s youth and his beginnings as a serial killer vigilante.

There isn’t a release date yet, nor a casting. The show is likely to come out on Showtime.


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