Dakotaz defends his stance on Fortnite after blocking Ninja

By Olivia Richman


Dec 27, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Brett “Dakotaz” Hoffman has blocked fellow Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins after the two kept clashing over the popular battle royale’s community. 

On December 20, Ninja shared a video on Twitter in which he encouraged players to stop criticizing Fortnite and just enjoy other games instead. He explained that content creators have more power than they think, and posting on social media that a game sucks “without content” only hurts their own audience and the game’s player count. 

“You won’t get more viewers from that. The game won’t get more players from that,” Momka said, telling streamers to offer positive advice to developers instead, or at least just “think before they tweet” instead of giving in to “rage culture.” 

While most of Ninja’s followers stayed respectful in the replies, Dakotaz seemed to take the video as a jab at his own tweets, where he often has negative things to say about Fortnite.

On Christmas Eve, Dakotaz responded to Ninja on stream, telling him that “not everyone is going to kiss your ass, buddy.” 

“Must be hurt to get blocked,” Dakotaz continued. “Wonder how that feels. Now you don’t gotta read my tweets. You don’t gotta complain about me anymore. Next time you make a video about me, ‘at’ me, pussy. Until then, take a seat.” 

After the rant on stream, Dakotaz decided to clear up his stance a bit more on Twitter. 

“Ninja got blocked because lots of opinions happen on my Twitter and I don’t need a snowflake sending his 12 year old army on me every time he does not agree,” he tweeted. 

Ninja’s long-time rival Turner “Tfue” Tenney responded to Dakotaz tweet with his own shot at Ninja. He sent a photo of Ninja holding his soon-to-be-released Time In Adidas shoes, but with some changes that mock the design. This got a lot of laughs from Dakotaz and his followers. 

Dakotaz commended Ninja for being a “good player” and a “good streamer” a bit later, but said he was “done” with the Mixer megastar. 

Dakotaz continues to discuss beef with Ninja

Yesterday, Dakotaz received a donation on stream that came with a message in support of his issues with Ninja. The woman stated that she played Fortnite, along with her husband and nine-year-old son, and they all are in agreement that it’s okay to have negative opinons about a game. She added that her son wouldn’t quit playing because of his opinions. 

Dakotaz decided to further discuss his recent rantings on Twitter, which he believes are the tweets that fueled Ninja’s video on staying positive about Fortnite. 

“My opinion wasn’t that bad, you know what I’m saying? I said ‘Fortnite’s hot garbage right now.’ That’s all I said. Some people are acting like I said ‘Fortnite needs to die. Everyone needs to quit it.’ You would have thought I said something crazy .I said four words. It’s like, what?” Dakotaz said on stream. 

Dakotaz continued to say that we live in a day and age where someone can be “triggered” by four words. 

“You would’ve thought I gathered 14,000 people and started protesting outside their building. You would’ve thought I did that,” he said. 


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