Tfue says he “doesn’t care” that Ninja has always hated him

Olivia Richman • October 6, 20:31

Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney said that he “doesn’t care” that long-time rival Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has “always hated him.” Tfue decided to bring up the topic of Ninja while playing Zone Wars and discuss the rivalry with viewers. 

“Ninja has hated me forever. No matter how nice I am to the kid, he’s always hated me. So I don’t really know what to tell you guys. But I don’t really care,” Tfue said. 

This is the first time Tfue has addressed the drama publicly, although the two have argued on Twitter recently as well. 

Tfue and Ninja’s rivalry grows over Fortnite criticisms


The back-and-forth between Ninja and Tfue follows recent statements from Tfue that Fortnite “sucks now.” Although many pro players have expressed this sentiment, not everyone agrees. Ninja came to Epic’s defense and delivered a harsh response to Tfue’s comments. 

“I actually have been enjoying the game recently after the Gotham City update. If you don’t enjoy the game, stop playing and roasting it all the time,” Ninja responded

But he wasn’t done there. When someone told Ninja that he might as well be an ad for Fortnite, he noted that the real Fortnite ad is “coming from the dude tweeting about how shit the game is,” as he also uploads Fortnite videos daily. 

“Again, I’ll say it a thousand times! There are positive ways and constructive ways to address things you don’t like about games,” Ninja concluded. 

While the Fortnite community began to argue about who was right on the thread, with some noting that Ninja wasn’t a competitive player so he didn’t have the same experience as pro players, Tfue was strangely silent as the drama unfolded. 

The two Fortnite stars have also battled it out in-game. When Ninja eliminated Tfue in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, he was quick to point it out to his followers. He told them he was going to make it the title of a YouTube video and also use it as the thumbnail, “like he did to me last time.” 

“I’m 100% doing that, dude. Clickbait!” Ninja said with a laugh, even after being eliminated himself. 

While Ninja and Tfue have mostly been battling to be the top streamer in Fortnite, their rivalry dates back to their days as H1Z1 players, where they played against each other as members of Luminosity Gaming and Denial Esports, respectively. Since then, their fans have continuously debated who is the better player. 


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