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CSGO commentator mocks pros during Paris Major, thinks mic is turned off

By Olivia Richman


May 15, 2023

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator James Banks had some harsh words caught on the mic, calling out CSGO players.

The CSGO Paris Major is underway, with the top teams in the world fighting to prove themselves and snag the $1,250,000 million prize pool. But not everyone is impressed with the competing teams, including commentator Banks.

Banks was recently talking privately to another commentator about modern Counter-Strike players, unaware that his words were getting picked up by the mic and being shared on the broadcast. This is known as a hot mic — that’s when a microphone is switched on or remains on without the speaker realizing it. And his words were harsh.

CSGO commentator talks smack about pro players during Major

A viral clip has been getting a lot of attention on Reddit, revealing some tough words from Banks during the match between Heroic and Team Liquid.

“F—ing lazy cunts. We’re just gonna focus on our shots? Play our own game? Suck a bunch of d— in this game as well,” Banks said, believing his mic was cut off.

While the words were harsh, a lot of people on Reddit agreed with Bank’s sentiment. A lot of CSGO players have started focusing on their own kill count instead of working as a team, with some pros even saying in interviews that they just want to “hit their shot.”

But since the other commentator laughed at the end of Banks’ rant, it seemed like it was just some harsh banter between the two commentators and not truly harsh criticism of the CSGO pros competing in the match. He is known for his witty and harsh jokes and is well-respected in the CSGO scene. Banks didn’t make any comment about the mic slip-up himself, however.


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