CS2 VAC Live is so good that players think it’s bugged

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 12, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 players weren’t particularly happy when Valve revealed VAC would stay, but now it seems the new VAC Live is too good to be true.

In CSGO, cheaters had a pass to do whatever they pleased without the fear of getting banned immediately. Annual ban waves would wipe out a percentage of them, but advanced hackers would still thrive. But CS2’s VAC Live seems like a game-changer if the recent clip is to be believed.

Credible Counter-Strike data miner aquaismissing shared a clip now making rounds among CS2 players. In the short video, an alleged cheater gets instantly kicked from the game after a player reports them.

During a game on CS2’s Mirage, a player on the CT side gets a headshot through the smoke while moving. This exceptionally tricky shot led the player to believe the enemy was cheating. Consequently, he opted to report them for multiple causes, resulting in an insta-ban.

This is a once-in-a-blue-moon incident for CSGO players who rarely ever see hackers getting punished. But, it seems things would change in CS2, thanks to VAC Live. According to data miners, VAC Live detects cheaters in real-time. If there’s one in your game, the match will end without ELO loss.

Is CS2 VAC Live good?


While it sounded promising on paper, nobody thought VAC Live would be as effective as it seems in the clip. Some players even think that it’s either a coincidence or a glitch since the game didn’t end. However, some are looking at the brighter side, hoping that maybe VAC Live is just good.

If that’s the case, CS2 should get rid of the decade-old cheating problem in CSGO in a blink, resulting in a bigger and healthier player base. Currently, many have left CSGO due to hackers and Valve’s inability to ban them.

CS2 has a slew of updates besides VAC Live. Players can now refund weapons, customize loadout, and enjoy shotgun buffs on a newly added map Mirage in CS2.


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