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Massive shotgun and VAC buff added in new CS2 update

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CS2 is adding a ton of gameplay changes to the Counter-Strike, and the latest update will make shotgun buyers very happy.

Valve has finally updated the limited beta test for Counter-Strike 2, swapping out Dust 2 for Mirage and tweaking gameplay to better reflect the new mechanics. Chief among these changes is a massive buff to shotguns, which now blast through smoke grenades similarly to frag grenades. It also includes a buff for VAC, bringing one of the most requested features from Global Offensive. 

First up, the CS2 shotgun buff. The new interaction between HE grenades and smokes is one of the most controversial changes among top players, but now the mechanic will be even easier to access. Shotgun blasts will now tear through smokes in CS2, creating bigger openings to peek at players and gather info. This is compounded by a nerf to the frag grenade, which now creates a smaller hold than before.

CS2 shotgun smoke interaction

Shotguns have historically been only used in niche situations in Counter-Strike. While the MAG-7 and Sawed-Off had their uses, they’ve been almost completely absent from competitive play for several years. Adding in this new utility could give them a new niche on eco rounds where players can blast through smokes and catch enemy players by surprise.

New CS2 update buffs shotgun, adds mid-game VAC ban

VAC is also getting a major change in CS2, with a previously leaked feature now permanently in the game.

In the current version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a player getting VAC banned mid-match doesn’t do much. The player is kicked from the server, but everyone else is forced to play out the match. This leaves the hacker’s team at an inherent disadvantage, essentially making the game a waste of time.

Now, when a player is VAC banned in CS2, the match will end at the end of the current round. This simple change means that players will waste less time playing four-versus-five after a hacker gets kicked. In combination with the map change and shotgun buff, it seems like Valve really is paying attention to player requests during the development of CS2.


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By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 26, 2024