Counter-Strike 2 limited beta

CS2 will let players refund guns, equip both CT rifles

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 6, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Just when everyone assumed Valve had forgotten about Counter-Strike 2, the developer unveiled jaw-dropping updates. 

CS2 release date is looming on the horizon, and Valve has started revealing more updates, features, and changes coming to its hit FPS title. After reactive smokes, squeaky-clean visuals, and a sub-tick system, Valve has introduced a new feature inspired by its rival shooter game, Valorant. 

Valorant has had enough flak for “copy-pasting” CSGO gameplay, but now Valve isn’t shying away from taking a page from Riot’s book. CS2 will have a refund feature, similar to Valorant, and a 5-slot system. 

CS2 will let players use both M4A1-S and M4A4 

Valve has reduced the 6-slots buy menu to 5, but there’s a catch. Players can now pick a weapon of their choice for each slot. Players will have 1 starting pistol slot, 4 pistol slots, 5 mid-tier slots (previously “SMGs” and “Heavy”), and 5 rifle slots per team. Any weapon can be assigned to these slots. Yes, even both M4A1-S and M4A4, which wasn’t possible in CSGO.

This will be game-changing for CT-side, allowing them to swap weapons based on their anticipated encounters. However, not all players are on the same page. Some believe it’s a poor change as it reduces weapon options, while others are excited that they can now have a solid reason to refuse AWP drop to their toxic teammates.  

CS2 refund feature is loved by all

Players will now be forgiven for their bad monetary choices in CS2. You can directly refund if you accidentally bought an AWP while trying to click on M4. During the buy time, players can repurchase the weapon of their choice, drop skins for teammates, and explore many other economical options. 

However, used weapons will not be purchased, so refrain from firing accidental shots after accidentally buying the wrong gun. This is a welcome change, as players often end up buying the wrong weapon for a multitude of reasons. 

These changes will instantly go live for those who have CS2 beta access. It’s unknown when the next wave will start, but eager fans are still holding out hope.