A new map is finally in the Counter-Strike 2 beta

By Olivia Richman


Jun 6, 2023

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The Counter-Strike 2 beta is finally getting another map.

The CS2 beta has been getting some mixed reviews from streamers and pro players, largely complaints about the repetitiveness of the limited content. Competitive players were stuck on one map, Dust II since the beta came out at the end of March. After a while, the single map pool caused the beta’s player count to dwindle.

But now, CS2 players are getting Mirage in the most recent update, Valve has announced in new release notes.

Mirage swaps out Dust 2 as new CS2 beta map

Mirage is arguably one of the most popular classic Counter-Strike maps. It was designed by Michael “BubkeZ” Hull in 2013 and has remained almost unchanged ever since. Now, a port of Mirage is coming to Counter-Strike 2 as a test map in the June 6 update.

It’s actually the 10th anniversary of Mirage today, June 6, making this announcement all the more special to the Counter-Strike community.

Since its addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Mirage has become a go-to map for competitive players, including esports pros. The map is a fan-favorite due to its classic, simple structure and balance between CT and T sides. It can be a fast-paced map that allows for the direction of the attack to be changed three times thanks to its large size.

Of course, there are Mirage haters out there. But even those guys are probably relieved to see Mirage replace Dust II in the CS2 beta after months of playing on the same map. It’s unknown how long Mirage will stay in the beta, but players are hoping it’s the last map so CS2 can finally become playable for all. Only time will tell if this will bring players back to the beta.

Besides this, the new update also overhauls the loadout in CS2, allowing players to refund their weapons and equip both the main CT rifles.


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