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Creepy Ice Poseidon stream prompts Kick to change guidelines

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Controversial Kick streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino has once again landed in the hot waters, getting detained for alleged sexual assault. 

Ice Poseidon is no stranger to live detainment. He was previously arrested for inappropriate behavior in a hotel lobby and his most recent behavior got detained for sexual assault, according to police on live stream. However, the streamer claimed he was swatted and not arrested for assault. Still, the events have let Kick consider tweaking their guidelines to make the platform safer. 

“We appreciate our community for the continuous feedback, both the good & the bad. We’ll keep you updated on upcoming changes to community guidelines and subsequent enforcement measures,” Kick said.

On September 21, the streamer had a man set up an encounter with a sex worker for $500. The video shows the man offering additional cash to the woman in exchange for being on camera, with her consent. However, later on, she receives a text message alerting her to the gravity of the situation, prompting her to leave. In response, the man attempts to obstruct her exit from the room and demands a refund of his money, but the woman ultimately manages to leave.

The whole encounter was bizarre to watch, including live groping and sexual acts that are banned on Kick. 

Why was Kick streamer Ice Poseidon arrested? 

The police detained Ice Poseidon for sexual assault, but the streamer claims he was swatted. 

After the videos of the alleged sexual assault went viral, Ice Posedin took to X to clear the air. According to the streamer, the escort was made aware of the camera and that it was all consensual and legal. He also clarified that he wasn’t arrested but got swatted on the stream. He also shared a video proof to add “context,” where the escort was informed that she’d be filmed for an extra $100. 

“Wasn’t a ‘hidden camera’ and I got swatted after not arrested. Buck adding to the Twitter cancelation nonsense!!! Figure your shit out, Twitter. It’s LEGAL content that even the police wrote off as LEGAL and safe,” Ice Poseidon said.

However, the community isn’t sold. According to the community, even if the woman was informed ahead of the stream, the content was still immoral and inappropriate and against Kick’s TOS. 

Kick TOS

The woman appeared visibly uncomfortable when her path was obstructed, despite Ice Poseidon later acknowledging that it was an inappropriate action on the part of the man. Defending the creepy stream isn’t going to be easy for Ice Poseidon, especially after his apology on X space, which led to him yelling and shouting at the critics. 

In any case, Kick has responded to the backlash, claiming that policy change is underway. The platform will work on guidelines to make them more strict and less vague for streamers.