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Counter-Strike 2 is Valve’s worst-rated game on Steam

By Olivia Richman


Oct 10, 2023

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Just weeks into the arrival of Counter-Strike 2, the highly anticipated shooter has become the worst game by Valve, the poor Steam rating shows.

It looks like all of the complaints regarding CS2 have added up. While Counter-Strike was meant to be an upgraded version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with better graphics, updated maps, and more seamless gameplay, there’s been nonstop criticism from casual gamers and streamers alike.

Right now, Counter-Strike 2 has over 165,000 “mixed” ratings and over 902,000 negative ratings on Steam. The complaints are varied, with some accusing the game of being “incomplete” and others voicing frustration with some of their favorite features from CSGO being nowhere to be found.

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While Counter-Strike 2 appears to have over 6.7 million positive reviews, long-time CSGO fans noted that Valve is being “deceitful” since the reviews are actually for CSGO and not CS2. When Counter-Strike was released, it took over CSGO’s Valve page and, with it, the reviews.

“Thanks for removing a purchased copy of CSGO from my library,” one reviewer ranted.

Thanks to all the incoming negative reviews, CS2 now has the worst Steam rating in Valve history, with more negative reviews than Half-Life Source, Portal 2, and Left 4 Dead. Older versions of Counter-Strike, including Source and 1.6, also have higher reviews than CS2.

Why is CS2 rating so low on Steam?

There are numerous ongoing complaints about Counter-Strike 2, including hitboxes not registering damage, a lack of classic game modes, and an abundance of cheaters.

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However, negative reviews haven’t stopped players from playing the game. CS2 continues to be a top-played game, according to SteamCharts. Earlier this week, it had a peak of over 1.2 million players. CSGO still has the highest concurrent player count for any Steam game ever, however, at 1.8 million.