All maps are now available in CS2, what does it mean?

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 19, 2023

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CS2 now has all of its maps available for play, but does Valve has a secret intention behind the change?

The CS2 beta has gone on for four months, and between dozens of updates and several map swaps, Valve had added plenty of polish to the test. One of the company’s techniques has been to limit the test to a single map so that matchmaking is quick and bug reports are consolidated. However, Valve has now made the surprise decision to add all the maps into the game at the same time. Why?

The update was put in place on August 18, 2023, which is just days before the rumored release of the final product. The CS2 limited beta test is still highly exclusive, and splitting the testers up between a ton of different maps isn’t exactly optimal from a development point of view. There must be a different motive behind the change, so does the addition of all maps to CS2 hint at a close release date?

All CS2 maps released may mean an imminent release

The addition of every map to matchmaking likely means that the release date of CS2 is closer than fans expect.

Previous leaks and clues have pointed to a CS2 release date in early September. This would line up with the most recent update, as Valve could give players two weeks of free map choice before releasing the Source 2 update to the public. Based on prior leaks and the timing of the all maps update, we predict a possible CS2 release date of September 1. Of course, the current update could last an additional week or two longer than our prediction.

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However, there are still some promised maps that have yet to appear in the limited test. Inferno is the biggest standout, but lots of veteran venues and community maps have yet to be tested in Source 2. Inferno is especially important as it’s in active duty, making it necessary for hosting tournaments. Still, with the map being revealed in early trailers, it’s likely that a dev build is already good to go.

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