Redline creator reveals a sequel skin for CS2

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 19, 2023

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The Redline is one of the most iconic skins in CSGO, and the new version for CS2 fits the new engine perfectly.

Legendary CSGO skins creator EmKay has revealed a new sequel to the Redline meant exclusively for CS2. The follow-up perfectly captures the appeal of the original while also updating it with a much more modern look. CS2 is already rumored to bring a ton of new skins to the game, and this would be a great way to ring in the new era of Counter-Strike. Here are pics of the skin in action and why the original remains an icon in 2023

The Redline series is one of CSGO’s first iconic skins, first appearing on the AWP in 2013. The skin was a hit, and an AK-47 version was quickly released in 2014. At the time, the minimalistic look and striking accents made it stand out from the plainer cosmetics of the era. As a result, it quickly became a de facto currency among traders. In addition, its minimal wear float cap helped many players learn about maximum float values. In a way, the Redline was a gateway for players to learn the eccentricities of CSGO’s skin economy. 

AWP Redline CS2

Redline creator shows off new designs for CS2

The new Redline, simply titled CS2 Rework, blends the original design with a new color palette and backdrop to create something truly striking.

The design features the iconic line of the original with a palette swap to orange and black. The background trades in the grooved texture for a clean white with navy camo near the middle. The subtler notes on the scope and stock are replicated with the new colors, creating a visually cohesive skin that pops in the Source 2 engine. A small CS logo near the barrel ties it all together with a nod to the skin’s history. Some players have even compared the new skin to a mix of the Redline and Asiimov, two of CSGO’s most popular skin patterns. 

AWP Redline CS2

The skin would be an obvious choice to include in the first community case of Counter-Strike 2. EmKay has even confirmed plans to create an AK-47 with the new design, allowing T players to sport matching big-budget rifles. Valve could keep the minimal wear float cap and pink rarity as nods to the original, but nobody could complain if it showed up as a red. Vote for it on the Steam Workshop to raise the chances of it appearing in-game.


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