CS2 release date: Everything we know so far

By Kenneth Williams


May 28, 2023

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The official release plan for CS2 is still under wraps, but a few important clues may point to a certain month for the release date.

The limited beta test for CS2 has languished since its initial launch last month. However, there’s no doubt that Valve is hard at work on polishing the Source 2 version of Counter-Strike. Moving an existing game to a new engine while keeping as much of its feel as possible is no easy task, but the lack of updates is starting to kill the hype. 

With so little going on, will CS2 even get a release date this summer like Valve promised?

CS2 release date likely later rather than sooner

Based on the lack of updates to the current limited beta and overall lack of new info, CS2 will likely have a release date as late in summer 2023 as possible.

Ever since the initial reveal of the new game, Valve has been dead silent on CS2 development. The beta has gotten a handful of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, but that’s all. Testers are still stuck on Dust 2 with no other maps to explore, and the game’s mechanics are exactly the same as they were.

Many Counter-Strike fans were expecting at least another map or expanded beta access by now, but Valve has left them disappointed. All those cool maps shown in the trailers are still locked in Bellevue, Washington.

Counter-Strike 2 map Overpass

There may also be a practical yet silly reason for the lack of updates. Thanks to a Hawaiian Valve fan with a metal detector, it’s possible that the developers of CS2 went on a company-wide vacation right after the release date of the beta. If true, that would explain why things are moving slower than fans anticipated.

With those two factors in mind, it’s likely that Valve will hold off on releasing the game until the very last minute. The last day of summer in 2023 will be September 23, so it’s likely that the new engine port will be released sometime in September.

It’s also possible that Valve will need to delay the release to finish up some last-minute adjustments.


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