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s1mple says CS2 is a “s— game” in its current state

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 6, 2023

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Counter-Strike’s GOAT Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev wants everyone not to play CS2 for at least three months. Here’s why. 

CS2 is making waves, but seasoned players still think it’s far from perfect. Earlier, KennyS set the community ablaze with his claim that CS2 is unplayable and not ready for a global release, but his hot take didn’t convince Valve to push the launch. CS2 was released a week after, and now s1mple holds the same belief. 

Taking to X, s1mple asked aspiring pros to avoid playing CS2 for at least six months. That’s not all. He also called CS2 a “s— game.”

“I can clearly tell that if you want to become CS2 pro you still have three months, don’t play this shit game right now. Wait for updates,” s1mple said.

Is CS2 too buggy?

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The issue with CS2 right now is not the bugs. It’s the jittery gameplay, FPS drops, lack of valuable features and commands like removing decals, left-hand control, and more.

A regular player may not feel any difference and even enjoy CS2 more than CSGO due to heightened visuals and shorter rounds, but seasoned players think CS2 is “s—,” at least s1mple does. The pro player has advised all aspiring pros to wait for updates and stay away from CS2 for now. 

According to s1mple, the game would be playable in approximately three months. It remains to be seen how accurate his guess is, but he’s likely right. Valve has actively been rolling out updates and fixing bugs as they happen. Players are also happy with VAC Live, so cheating may also become a secondary problem in three months. 

However, casual players would still enjoy the game to the fullest. CS2 does feel smooth, and short matches help squeeze in more games in a busy day. But the game could use a couple more updates before it’s as perfect as CSGO was. 


CS2 care package

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