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Female CS2 players want Kick vote gone from the game

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 9, 2023

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Female CS2 players are willing to mute sexist teammates, but the game’s Kick feature is indirectly enabling toxicity. 

Many modern FPS titles have removed the option to Kick one player from the team. Considering it’s such an easy feature to abuse and exploit, it’s not surprising that some developers have completely skipped it over, for example, Valorant. Counter-Strike 2, however, still has the controversial feature available in-game.

Kick a teammate has made it to CS2 as well, despite its history of being a troll’s strongest tool instead of used as a means to get rid of a disrespectful griefer. Now, a CS2 player has voiced the concern of many other women who get kicked for merely using a mic while playing a game. 

“What does this feature achieve? It only lets pre-made teams bully solo players and act on their sexist mentalities. I think if there was no kick feature I could at least mute everyone and try to learn the game in peace,” a player named SomeDragonfly wrote

Players want Valve to disable Kick vote in CS2

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The Kick vote has been a point of contention among serious players. Even though a single vote against kicking someone can render the voting system ineffective, it has still been widely abused by groups of players. 

CS2 is finally opening its doors to a more casual and new player base by introducing shorter matches, map-based ranks, and pleasant scenery. However, newer players, especially women, are finding it really difficult to learn the game. This point was raised by a community member on Reddit, to which most players agreed. Kick vote has become more hostile in CS2 than helpful.

New players and women are generally the target of being kicked out of the game merely for making small errors or, in the latter’s case, for being a woman. Women in gaming have learned to mute and move on, but the Kick option doesn’t allow them to play at all. 

With four votes in favor, you’re out of the game, and that’s an issue. The thread has caught a lot of eyes, with most folks agreeing on how the Kick vote feature is less helpful and more problematic. We’ll have to wait and see if Valve thinks about ditching it or making some improvements.


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