Bind is back, Icebox out for the next Valorant map change

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Bind and Icebox are polar opposites in the mind of the Valorant community, so many will be pleased to see the return of el classico.

After months of anticipation, Riot Games has finally confirmed that Bind will return to Valorant’s map pool. The developer has already confirmed major gameplay changes for the map for its return, and fans will finally be able to test them out later this month. To make room for Bind, Icebox will be removed from the competitive and unrated map pool to undergo its own round of changes.

Riot Games confirmed the map pool switch with a social media post on April 6, 2023. Valorant’s creator also revealed that the swap would happen at the start of Act III. The exact date for Valorant’s effective third season is not confirmed, but previous release schedules hint at April 25 in just a few weeks.

Bind returns to replace Icebox in Valorant map pool

Bind will come back to replace Icebox in the Valorant map pool, but it won’t be the exact same as fans remember it. 

Bind will get several gameplay changes when it returns to the game, including one massive adjustment to the B site. Tunnels now feature a small window that players on both sides can use to exchange utility. The map already has some nasty lineups for specific agents, and this window will allow even more options. 

The map’s iconic teleporter will also get a facelift, with the exit now much closer to the bath near A site. That path also leads to much wider openings, which will completely change how attackers approach a site take. Among these larger features are several smaller tweaks, like wider pathways and shuffled boxes all over the map. 


Icebox fans will be less happy about Bind coming back, as the polar map is being removed to make room. Icebox is one of Valorant’s most controversial maps, with its indoor setting and vertical gameplay making it stand out from the crowd. Based on other map rotations, Riot will likely tune up the map for an eventual return in a future act. As for how long that will take, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.