Bind new teleporters in Valorant

Valorant map Bind undergoes major changes for its return

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 31, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Bind is returning to Valorant soon, but Riot has made some major changes that players would like.

When each map in Valorant goes out of rotation, it typically ends up in the workshop for some much-needed tweaks. Bind has spent almost two months in the workshop, and it shows. The new-look Bind has small but significant changes that would shift how this map is played in Valorant. 

Riot has announced that Bind returns in the next act, but with some significant changes. 

What are all the changes in Bind? 

The biggest change is likely to the doors on Bind. Entrances are bigger, but that’s not it. Riot has completely shifted the teleporter’s exit on A site, closer to the bath entrance. Previously, enemies holding bath could easily spot the teleported agents, but this new position would provide a safer exit. Enemies in the bath must risk movement and place their necks on the line to pick duels with teleported enemies. 

Entrance on A site and B site are wider in the new Bind. This will allow controllers to use their smokes and molotovs to block pushes fully. On A-site, the crates also look different. Riot has rotated one stack of the Radianite crates and placed them horizontally. This is an excellent change for attackers with fewer safe plant spots on A-site. The crate switch will allow them to stay under cover while they plant the Spike. 

The final biggest change is on the B-site. Bind’s tunnels now feature a small top window allowing players to throw utility on B-site. Now, defenders can delay the Spike plant from safety. Previously, defending B-site was much trickier. So, it’s safe to say that Riot has added changes favoring each side on both bomb points. 

It’ll be interesting to see how these changes play out in competitive Valorant, but for that, players will have to wait for some more. 

When is Bind returning to Valorant? 

According to leaks, Bind should return to Valorant on April 25 with act 3.