Fade watcher Bind

Here’s how pro players are using Fade’s watcher on Bind

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fade’s eye is powerful, but can quickly lose value when tossed out randomly. Here’s how to use Fade’s eye on Bind to beat high ELO opponents. 

Fade’s watcher, officially named Haunt, is similar to Sova’s dart in many ways. It reveals enemies that look at it, lasts for a limited period, and can be destroyed. However, it’s slightly better due to its large size. Fade’s eye can cover larger areas compared to Sova’s dart, which is also easier to hide from. With the right lineup, players can squeeze a ton of value from just one Haunt.

Lineup specialist Light has demonstrated how professional Valorant players are using Fade’s watcher to reveal enemies on Bind. A-site defenders can benefit from these lineups by gathering early information on the attacker’s moves.

Fade’s watcher shuts down Bind A-site with these lineups 

Fade’s Haunt ability is the best tool to bring enemies out of their hiding spots. Dropping the watcher at odd, high angles is the key to getting it right, as it’s breakable. So, it must be kept far from the shooting range of the enemies—these new pro lineups for Fade’s Haunt tick all those boxes. 

To reveal showers, the deadliest route during eco rounds, stand on top of the little bench near the entrance. Then place the crosshair in the middle of the two ceilings and jump while pressing W and throw key simultaneously. The watcher will stick on top of the shower, exposing enemies early in the round. This is also helpful in taking forward shower control to aggress the attackers. 

The shower lineup is viable, but the A-short watcher setup will keep the attackers at bay for a couple of rounds. For this lineup, stick yourself against the barrels placed on A-short and aim toward the top of the box, as shown in the video. Then, jump, and release the Haunt to reveal enemies in A-short and deep in the lobby.

Fade Valorant

This is an instrumental lineup to intimidate the enemies early in the round. However, you may need some practice to toss it as quickly as possible. The first lineup can be a tad risky if attackers have already reached A-short. 

Players can easily lock down Bind’s A-site using these two Haunt lineups. They can also create space for duelists and guide the utility of controllers with the help of Fade’s early-round Haunts.