Asmongold reacts to big Diablo 4 bug that deletes characters

By Olivia Richman


Mar 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Asmongold’s followers have been enjoying the outspoken streamer’s reactions to Diablo 4 as he streams the campaign during Early Access. But it hasn’t been without its issues, including a huge bug Asmongold ran into during a recent stream.

Diablo 4 is a highly anticipated game that brings hardcore gamers into the depths of hell. Many big names were given early access to the action role-playing game to explore its intense combat and intricate character building. Asmongold is one of those streamers. He’s taken a break from MMORPGs like World of Warcraft to grind the new game.

While his streams have been largely entertaining to watch, Asmongold has been dealing with some frustrating bugs, including one that erased his character completely.

Diablo 4 Early Access beta full of bugs and glitches

A lot of people have been running into error codes while playing the Diablo 4 beta, including Asmongold. But the most recent one may have been too much for the outspoken streamer.

Asmongold spent a good 10 minutes creating his character, a Barbarian. Once he was done making his character, he spent some time exploring the tutorial map, interacting with NPCs and fighting enemies. It seemed to be going smoothly, so chat naturally joked that he was about to get disconnected.

“No, it’s not going to DC me. I’m a streamer. I’m special,” Asmongold joked.


While Asmongold was talking to an NPC, he suddenly received the predictable “Network Disconnect” message. The game then cut out.

This is usually just a bit inconvenient, so Asmongold groaned and loaded back into the game. But as the game was loading, some in the chat started to say that they lost their character when this happened. Asmongold started to get nervous.

“Come on… I thought I was a streamer. How is this happening to me? This is disgusting,” he joked. “What a dumb f—ing game… Wait!”

In that moment, it became clear that it was more than just an error.

“Where’s my f—ing character?” he exclaimed.

Things only got more cursed from here. Asmongold recreated his character and tried to re-enter the beta but got hit with another message this time. Apparently his account had been locked and he’d have to wait a few minutes to try logging in again.

“What? Was I cheating? What the f— is this?” Asmongold cried out.

Fortunately he was able to eventually load back in and use his second character. Despite the frustrating setback, Asmongold seemed overall happy with Diablo 4. And while the game may have some annoying glitches, at least it doesn’t play favorites and is willing to send error codes to the most popular of streamers.