Are xQc and Adept dating again? Fans spot her in xQc’s stream

By Olivia Richman


Nov 1, 2022

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Adept have had a very public and dramatic off-and-on again relationship. It has left fans of the boisterous, outspoken streamer confused if the two are dating or not.

Previously, xQc was in hot water for ditching Shitcamp last minute. The streaming community felt that it was inconsiderate at the time but wasn’t aware that xQc was secretly dealing with relationship issues that ultimately led to a breakup.

According to xQc, he had to choose between his family and Adept. He said he felt “forced” to break up with her, but Adept accused him of playing the victim. The two argued on stream, with Adept saying it was “cringe” that xQc felt the need to tell everyone what happened publicly. She insinuated that xQc had “held the breakup over her” for weeks.

Despite such a heated breakup, Adept recently appeared on xQc’s stream. This had many of his fans confused if the two were back on.

Why was Adept on xQc’s stream?

While streaming Overwatch 2, Adept could be seen walking behind xQc. The chat immediately reacted, wondering why she was at his house. Things became even more confusing when she started kissing xQc’s cheek.

xQc responded to the questions, saying they are “not together,” mocking his chat for being “weird.” He continued to adamantly claim that Adept is still not his girlfriend after the previous blowout.

But his followers became extra skeptical when xQc added that Adept only stopped by because her friend had to use the bathroom. This seemed really strange and suspicious, leaving many fans to speculate the real reason Adept may have been at his house.

Over on Adept’s Twitter, there is no further insight into the shocking stream. She has remained largely silent about xQc since the argument.


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