“It was wrong,” Sodapoppin speaks on xQc ditching Shitcamp

By Olivia Richman


Sep 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Thomas “Sodapoppin” Morris has decided to speak on Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s decision to skip Shitcamp at the last minute.

xQc was at the center of a controversy in the streaming community when he ditched QTCinderella’s Shitcamp event when he heard Sodapoppin wasn’t going. He later clarified that he had some family issues going on, but his initial reasoning and the last-minute decision had many streamers perplexed. Sodapoppin himself has decided to speak on the situation, talking on a podcast called Hatewatchers.

Sodapoppin reacts to xQc ditching Shitcamp

In the latest streamed episode of Hatewatchers, Sodapoppin addressed the Shitcamp situation.

According to the streamer, he had told Shitcamp organizers that he wouldn’t be attending far in advance. The reason behind this decision was out of his control, since he had to stream a certain amount of hours of the new World of Warcraft expansion.

“But xQc just suddenly didn’t go,” Sodapoppin added. “That was weird.”

The podcast host added that xQc allegedly stated that he wasn’t going since Sodapoppin was no longer going.

“And, in my opinion, it was wrong for him to have done that,” Soda responded.

Soda said that it’s the “50th time” xQc has ditched an event, however, noting that nobody should really be expecting him to show up at events when he says he will. He felt that people shouldn’t really be surprised that he didn’t go to Shitcamp.

xQc gives his reason for canceling Shitcamp appearance

While xQc initially claimed that there just wouldn’t be any good content at Shitcamp, which rubbed streamers the wrong way since it felt like an insult to QTCinderella and other organizers, it seems he may have just been hiding the real reason.

Later, xQc admitted that he was dealing with relationship and family issues, although he didn’t clarify what that meant. He finally admitted that it was due to a breakup with Adept, which some viewers had been speculating for a while.

According to xQc, he was forced to choose between family and Adept. In the end, xQc chose his family. Viewers sent him hearts and crying emojis in the chat as he continued to dive into the emotional situation.

“I love my brother, I love my family, but he and his girlfriend, and me and Sammy we just couldn’t be all at once in one place, we couldn’t, it’s just not possible. There was friction when I was at my brother’s house and there was friction when we all got here, it was just very odd,” xQc revealed.

With the breakup looming over his head, it’s more understandable why xQc had to leave his Shitcamp plans behind. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done and streamers are continuing to find fault with his behavior.