Arcane Season 2 and Valorant movie dates revealed

By Olivia Richman


Sep 1, 2023

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There’s some potentially big news for fans of Riot Games’ ever-growing lore universe.

According to trusted sources, more media is incoming for fans of League of Legends and Valorant. The long-awaited Season 2 of Arcane and a Valorant film are both in the works and arriving in the near future.

When is Arcane Season 2?

Valorant News, a trusted leaker in the gaming community, recently tweeted that Arcane Season 2 is coming at the end of 2024. The date was officially revealed during the Video V Vision Conference hosted by Tencent.

Arcane is an animated Netflix series based on the League of Legends universe and its diverse, dynamic champions. The first season came out in November of 2021, which has fans thinking Season 2 will also come out in November. November of 2024 is also the 15th anniversary of League of Legends.

Arcane’s first season centered around Vi, Caitlyn, Jinx, Jayce, Ekko, and other popular champions. Fans are expecting to see even more champions in Season 2, including Viktor and Heimerdinger, as the show continues to explore the tension between the rich city of Piltover and the struggles of Zaun as they fight to control magical energy that can turn humans into monstrosities.

The award-winning show left fans anxiously awaiting Season 2, and it looks like it will be just over a year until Arcane’s return.

Valorant movie coming in 2025

On top of another deep dive into League of Legends lore, fans of Valorant will also get more insight into the agents they love with a movie coming in 2025.

The idea of a Valorant movie first entered the gaming space earlier in August. A leaker known as Kingdom Laboratories stated that the movie would be coming in 2025 but that we’d get a trailer sometime in late 2024, most likely October 13.

There’s no further information when it comes to what the movie will be about, but maybe it’ll explore the confusing lore behind the game, including clones and Kingdom secrets.


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