Apex Legends’ Jericho abilities leaks, may change game’s meta

Olivia Richman • August 28, 10:57

In the latest Apex Legends leak, a popular data miner took to YouTube to reveal all of the abilities for possible new legend Jericho. 

Although Season 2 has only dropped just one new legend into the game, data miners have been hard at work looking into the game’s files at possible new legends coming to Apex Legends. Developer Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed any of the leaked legends, but so far the data miners have yet to be wrong. 

Jericho: The new frontline legend


The Gaming Merchant posted a video outlining Jericho’s abilities. According to the game files, “The Frontline” legend is apparently quite large, and may be even bigger than Gibraltar. 

His passive ability reads “Ballistic Shield Protection” in the game’s files. This ability “protects your back” even when you’re not actively using the shield. This leads to his first ability, Ballistic Shield. It’s a full-body shield that protects Jericho from incoming fire. 

The second ability in the files is potentially Jericho’s ultimate. It’s called Shield-Breaker Javelins. It’s described as two electrically charged javelins that burn through enemy body shields. 

While data miners have been able to uncover upcoming legends’ abilities, including Rampart and Nomad, the details surrounding these latest abilities remains a mystery. The Gaming Merchant is unsure about the specifics of the Ballistic Shield, including its deployment time. It appears similar to Gibraltar’s Tactical Ability, so players are hoping there’s something else to it that sets it further apart. 

Shield Breaker Javelins are also a vague concept given what we know thus far, but they have become a bit concerning for some Apex Legends fans. It appears to be a possible meta breaker. Some speculate that combining them with Hammerpoint Rounds will give a legend the ability to simultaneously deplete shields and health, which seems potentially overpowered if it works as predicted. 

Players may have a while until that issue arises. It seems as though Jericho isn’t going to be the next legend to drop into Kings Canyon. Many speculate that Crypto may instead be the next, since he was teased in a recent trailer. Then there’s Skunner and Revenant. 


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