Possible new Apex Legend character Nomad’s abilities leaked

By Olivia Richman


Aug 19, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends continues to stay in headlines thanks to data miners and leakers. When developers accidentaly published files for an upcoming legend during the Iron Crown patch, dataminers were quick to jump on it. 

Prolific data miner That1MiningGuy recently dropped a video that oulines the alleged abilities of a possible future legend known as Nomad.

For months, Nomad has been discussed all throughout the Apex Legends community after data miner FrozenFroh discussed a possible link between Wraith’s “Night Terror” skin and Nomad’s origin and design. At the time, Respawn Entertainment developers called the discussion a conspiracy, but it seems like the Apex Legends community has not been so quick to give up on the possibility of seeing Nomad in a future season. 

That1MiningGuy’s video discusses Nomad’s abilities, based on data scripts. The in-game description is labeled “Field Crafter,” and reveals a legend that seems to specialize in uncovering loot and new items. 

His first ability is a passive known as “Packmule.” This ability ensures that any team with a Nomad will have additional backpack space, great for stocking up on ammo, healing items, and equipment. 

“Loot Compass” is an ability that allows Nomad to find the nearest item with help from a loot compass. His second active ability, “Crafting Table,” has Nomad creating new weapons out of “scrap salvageable material and purchase items,” similar to creating upgraded weapons in games like Fallout.

Nomad, Apex Legend’s most discussed secret


Data miner Shrugtal discovered in March new game files that hinted at an entire new roster of legends. Even though Respawn Entertainment community manager JayFresh warned the Apex community to not take mining as a “source of truth,” both Octane and Wattson, who were featured on the list, have since become a reality. 

While many other legends were included in the leak as well, Nomad seemed to capture everyone’s attention the most. It’s widely believed by the Apex Legends fan base that he will be the next legend to drop, although nobody knows exactly when. 

Even That1MiningGuy warned his followers to not rely entirely on the leaks. There’s always the possibility that Respawn Entertainment will change the files or completely remove them.