Apex Legends leak reveals new legends Skunner and Revenant

By Olivia Richman


Aug 20, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Just after leaking Nomad’s abilities, dataminer That1MiningGuy is back. And this time he’s uncovered an entirely new legend in Apex Legend’s game files. 

A possible new legend called Skunner was found within a recent patch that introduced the Iron Crown Collection event. The new legend is described as a “Crafty Trapper,” and appears to have abilities revolving around avoiding and setting traps. 

Light Step is Skunner’s possible passive ability. Enemy Bloodhounds won’t be able to track the new legend, and debris traps won’t slow them down. For any player wondering what a debris trap is, it’s possibly the name of Skunner’s first ability, which drops a pile of debris that not only damages opponents, but slows down anyone trying to move through.

Schiltrom Barrier Grenade is Skunner’s second ability, creating a spiked resin barrier. With “grenade” in the ability’s name, it can be assumed that this barrier can be deployed from a distance, but it’s not clear from the uncovered files.

These abilities make Skunner similar to Wattson and Caustic, who create barriers and slow enemies down with their barriers and devices. For many players, this makes Skunner sound a bit underwhelming due to his lack of marked difference from existing legends. That1MiningGuy even captioned the video, “Pretty basic character… Really hope we see some changes before he goes live.” 

So far, fans seem much more excited by Revenant, who That1MiningGuy also dug up from the game files recently. Previously called Blackout in game files before the Iron Crown event, Revenant is a simulacrum. Taken straight out of Titanfall 2’s storyline, a simulacrum is a robot that contains a human’s consciousness transferred within them.

Revenant would introduce brand new gameplay to Apex Legends thanks to his two stances. His shadow stance would give players a seperate set of abilities from his regular stance, which appears to be quite aggressive and includes tools enabling him to poison and hunt down opposing players. The shadow stance focuses more on stealth, although That1MiningGuy is unsure if all of the abilities will end up in the final version of Revenant. 

Still, he appeared quite excited by the idea of the simulacrum on his YouTube video. 

“Finally, in Apex, something that promotes you to kill something else. It is something that makes this character more aggressive. It makes this character play more like an assassin,” the leaker said.