Amouranth fart jar ASMR

Amouranth posts one of her most controversial videos yet

By Olivia Richman


May 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Kaitlin “Amouranth” Siragusa is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of ASMR, but a recent YouTube video has taken it too far for many viewers.

In a recent video, Amouranth created an entire ASMR routine surrounding her fart jars. In February, Amouranth announced a new business venture called Cutie Patooties, where she sold expensive jars of farts and hair online. Now, Amouranth decided to open one of the jars in what some have found to be an unnerving ASMR video.

Viewers react to Amouranth fart jar ASMR

Between suggestively licking mics and tapping her nails against the loaded jar, Amouranth informed fans that she had just eaten protein bar, protein shakes, beans, and eggs.

“Maybe I can top off this scent since this one has been sitting on my desk since I started selling them. So the scent is probably not very strong,” Amouranth whispered.

Amouranth decided to open the jar and immediately made a face. She admitted that it was actually still “pretty strong” but told fans she still had to “replace” it. To do this, Amouranth started moving the jar towards her backside.

“These mics are really strong so when you hear the fart, try not to giggle too hard,” Amouranth warned.

Soon after, Amouranth was immediately back to licking things and staring into the camera. This went on for a good five minutes or more, but many were already left with a figurative bad taste in their mouths. One fan said that this is the video that finally got them to unsubscribe, “freeing” them from Amouranth.

But others openly expressed their gratitude for the video. Apparently the combination of ASMR and farts is exactly what some Amouranth fans are looking for. Unfortunately, Amouranth only has one month left of farting into mics since she is quitting adult content come June 2022. Instead, Amouranth will be producing a streamer competition and pursuing other career paths that she has described as “risky.”


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