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You can now buy a jar of Amouranth’s hot tub water and scent

By Olivia Richman


Feb 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is selling the hot tub water seen on her streams in her most recent business venture.

Amouranth has already purchased gas stations and plastic ball companies. Now, the business-savvy OnlyFans model has announced Cutie Patooties, a store that sells her scent to fans. According to her newly-launched website, the jars include one of her hairs, some passed gas, and hot tub water taken from her hot tub Twitch streams.

“Have you ever wondered what your favorite streamer smells like? Now’s you [sic] chance to find out!” Amouranth declared.

Amouranth selling scent jars and hot tub water to fans

On February 28, Amouranth tweeted that she is starting a new business. While the toot-based company definitely seems facetious, it’s a legitimate website that may add even more income to Amouranth’s already immense monthly earnings.

Purchasing something from Cutie Patootie doesn’t come cheap. There are currently just two limited-edition items available for pre-order, “The Hot Tub Water” and “The Scent Jar.”

“Have you ever wanted to hop in the hot tub with Amouranth? Well now’s your chance (on a really small scale)! Grab a jar of hot tub water, collected from Amouranth’s actual hot tub!” the description reads for her jars of hot tub water.

There are currently just 3,000 jars of hot tub water available for pre-order. They are all autographed by Amouranth herself and are numbered by hand. Each jar will cost fans $199.99.

The second item is “The Scent Jar,” which allows fans to get a whiff of Amouranth’s actual scent. The scent-filled jars are made exclusively to order, including a “real human hair from Amouranth herself.” There will only be 1,000 of these made available, all autographed and hand-numbered by the streamer. These will cost $999.99.

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“We at Cutie Patooties believe that the best farts are those that are naturally occurring. Thus, the team works tirelessly to bottle and collect the clouds whenever the right moment strikes,” the website reads.

Amouranth will only fart into a jar when the moment strikes, avoiding the health emergencies other fart-to-jar entrepreneurs have faced, including time spent in the ER. The website states that Amouranth will live “free-range” and that her team will “only intervene when it’s time to capture a cloud.”

The streaming community and fans alike have thus far reacted with confusion over the business venture, with Mizkif summing up the sentiment by tweeting, “What. The. F—.”