Amouranth rant

Amouranth discusses IQ after being called “fake smart” by fans

By Olivia Richman


Apr 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is known for her assets — like her gas station and ball pit company. Amouranth may have gotten her start as an adult content creator, but she has since become well known for her various investment schemes.

Amouranth even stated recently that she is soon to be leaving OnlyFans behind for a new career. But not everyone is impressed with Amouranth’s new focus on investment and finance. Some have apparently been calling her “fake smart,” which caused Amouranth to launch into a rant on social media.

Amouranth responds to being called “fake smart”

Amouranth was apparently frustrated with some people calling her “fake smart” on social media after her recent investment advice tweets. She tweeted back that she found it “hilarious” that she was getting accused of being “fake smart” just because she uses words “[some people] don’t understand.”

Amouranth shared a screenshot of people on Reddit mocking her for offering investment advice to her fans. Some were calling her “insecure” for talking “like that.” Others accused her of explaining simple things in an overly complex manner in order to appear more intelligent than she actually is.

“People who think I’m fronting are going to have to pick their jaws off the floor when they realize I’m just brain dumping free thoughts floating around my head,” Amouranth said.

In a continued discussion on the subject, Amouranth said she has “no idea” what her IQ is but called it a “standardized measurement” that she didn’t care about. Instead, Amouranth has more interest in using her “gifts.” She added that “temperament” and “charisma” are more important than having a higher IQ score.

In response, some accused Amouranth of just getting rich off of her physical appearance rather than her financial planning abilities. Amouranth responded that a woman monetizing her looks on the internet is no rare thing, yet she has been particularly successful in her endeavors. She also shot back at people claiming she just got rich from OnlyFans and wasn’t taking any real financial risks, stating that you don’t necessarily need great insight or huge risks to make good investments, but rather need to understand “a few key mental models.”

This is clearly a subject that Amouranth is passionate about. She hasn’t responded to many criticisms over the years, but being called “fake smart” struck a nerve with the streaming star and emerging investor.