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Why did Amouranth just buy a gas station for herself?

By Olivia Richman


Nov 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa says she was was paid to purchase a gas station.

Amouranth tweeted earlier this week that she had purchased a gas station for -$110,000. Amouranth then claimed that anyone can do this at any time, and as many times as they want, and then told her followers how she did it.

So how does one purchase a gas station for -$110,000? Amouranth paid $1 million upfront by taking out a massive loan and then depreciated the speculative value of the property to receive a $1.1 million tax deduction, which makes the extra $110,000 a profit since she won’t have to spend on taxes.

“We will not own this gas station forever, though we could. We will likely sell and roll capital gains forward,” Amouranth concluded.

Will Amouranth stop streaming after buying a gas station?

There’s no reason to think Amouranth will step away from streaming after buying a gas station to dodge taxes.

Amouranth purchased a gas station to exploit a tax loophole, which has no bearing on her streaming career. The Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model won’t be running the gas station herself, which she called “dumb.” She also won’t be starting up her own esports organization like so many other streamers.

Instead, she will be buying the gas station and triple-net leasing it to a publicly-traded company, making it an investment opportunity instead of a job change. There are several layers of separation between Amouranth and the actual operations of the gas station, but she will theoretically be making a significant amount of money from it.

The controversial content creator said the gas station will make about $85,000 a year in “rental/lease income.” So she will make a steady income until she decides to sell it for more than it cost her to pay for it, making even more money off of the deal.

The reaction to the news of Amouranth purchasing a gas station was met with a mix of confusion and indignity. Many were left confused by the mathematics of it, while others were angered that such an obvious tax dodge could be possible.


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