All we know about Valorant map 10, Sunset

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Teasers about Valorant map ten are picking up pace as the release date draws closer. Here’s all we know about Sunset.

Valorant map ten is called Sunset, according to credible leaker ValorLeaks. It’s codenamed Juliett and will be revealed at the Valorant Champions finals, leakers have discovered. 

Where is Valorant map 10 located?

Teasers regarding Valorant map ten are plenty, all pointing toward Los Angeles as the central location. From the theme of VCT drops to the Night Market backdrop, everything includes LA vibes. 

The Night Market poster included palm trees and pleasant weather, the same notes that appeared in the recent cinematic featuring Cypher and Deadlock—the two sentinels spying on what seems to be Radianite smuggling from a truck parked somewhere in LA. Now, the rumored map name also aligns with La La Land themes. 

Sunset Boulevard is a famous boulevard in the central and western parts of Los Angeles, California. The name has likely taken inspiration from the city’s main attraction point. If true, an LA map would be a refreshing change from the recent blue locations. The next map might have pleasant summer weather and cool shadows of iconic LA palm trees. 

It’d be interesting to see what sort of a gimmick Riot adds for this location. Considering the current map pool, the new location might be smaller in size, similar to Split, Bind, and more. 

Valorant map Sunset release date

Valorant map 10

The exact release date of Valorant map ten is unknown, but players will get a detailed look at the location at Champions 2023 grand finals. The new location will replace Fracture and Pearl.

Valorant map ten should be released in the first few weeks of September, considering Pearl was released seven months before Lotus. With this calculation, the LA-themed map should arrive anytime soon since Lotus has completed seven months as well.