Breeze is returning to Valorant, Fracture and Pearl out

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Breeze is returning to the active maps in Valorant but it barely looks like the same map. 

The beachy location set somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean is making a grand comeback, with layout changes that have the potential to make it more likable. The player reaction to Breeze leaving the game was oddly positive, but the new changes may convince players to give it a fair shot. 

Riot will swap out Fracture and Pearl for Breeze in the upcoming act. The other map would likely be the new location, Valorant map 10, currently being teased through trailers. 

All Breeze changes in Valorant

Breeze will become much less complicated in the upcoming act. Riot has added a new cubby in the mid area, closing down one side next to the pillar. This way, defenders will find it easier to rotate toward the other side using mid-route. The attackers will also have a more convenient way of breaking into A site. 


The double door on mid has also been opened all the way so defenders can lock down the site better. This change will also facilitate gunplay in this particular area, which was often hindered by awkward door positioning. The slope paired with an ajar door also added to poor gunplay, but that would no longer be the case. 

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The same attention has been given to A Shop and Cave. Riot has replaced the awkward stair angle and congested entrance with a proper interior where the two sides can engage in duels.

On towards the B site, the back area has been covered with new bricks, making the location less complicated. A site’s pyramids also get a slight facelift and are much longer in height.

These are more small changes will come into effect when Breeze returns to the map pool in Valorant Episode 7 Act 2.