Valorant map 10

New Valorant teaser suggests map 10 could be in LA

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 15, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant is likely going back to its American roots, or at least the roots of the protocol’s founding members Viper and Brimstone. 

The new trailer featuring Cypher and Deadlock is set in a picturesque location that seems like La La Land, Los Angeles. This also aligns with previous leaks and hints that pointed at LA being the next location for the Valorant map 10. 

In the latest teaser, Riot has picked Deadlock and Cypher as the protagonists (plot twist: Cypher doesn’t die). Both the sentinels are monitoring suspicious activity from their camper, and while the whole scene is quite bizarre lore-wise, Valorant players are fixated on the ambiance.

Riot teases Valorant map 10 in a new trailer 

The latest trailer showcases Cypher well and alive, monitoring what seems like a Radianite smuggling station. With Deadlock on his side, both the agents are anticipating the worst.

However, players noticed the recurring LA theme on the location, hinting at a new map. 

Valorant Night Market poster

Lotus has had plenty of time to adjust to the pool, and it seems Riot is finally soft-launching the next location in line. The LA theme was previously teased in Valorant’s latest Night Market, where palm trees and a fancy car surrounded the text. The same theme appeared in VCT drop content, which was likely because the event occurred in Los Angeles. 

In any case, many hints point towards California as the 10th location for Valorant. The new map is still a few weeks from release, so players should anticipate more teasers and hints to drop soon.

Next Valorant map release date

Valorant map 10 should be released in the latter half of August or the first few weeks of September, considering Pearl was released 7 months before Lotus. With this calculation, the LA-theme map should arrive anytime soon since Lotus has completed 7 months as well.