Adin Ross applauded for giving away $70,000 at Easter party

By Olivia Richman


Apr 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Adin Ross is often in the headlines for his controversial behavior and drama, but he recently went viral over the weekend for giving out $70,000 at an Easter party.

Over the weekend, Adin Ross attended an Easter party in his community that was full of excited children sporting bunny ears. In the viral clip, Ross could be seen laughing with the families and handing out cash. He was soon swarmed by kids that couldn’t contain their excitement.

The wholesome moment immediately went viral on Twitter, where the streaming community commended him for his generosity. Many stated that this was the kind of Adin Ross news they wanted to see, insinuating that people were too fixated on the negative things that have taken place.

What did Adin Ross do?

Adin Ross can’t seem to escape the spotlight. He was recently trending for supposedly watching OnlyFans content of his sister Naomi. It was later revealed it was someone else, but Naomi was still getting threats for the trending clip.

Ross told her on stream: “You have skills, you’re a lovely woman, and if I was not your brother, I would marry you.”

However, Adin Ross has also shown porn to his young viewers on Kick, Twitch’s rival streaming platform. This shined a light on the dangers of a platform with fewer regulations and also had people questioning Ross’ behavior once again.

Ross’ own brother has expressed concern for the popular streamer, stating that he’s done with his negative behavior and sexist comments inspired by red pill influencer Andrew Tate. Adin Ross had flown out to Romania to talk with Tate and has started spreading his rhetoric on stream to his impressionable audience.

The Jewish streamer was also under fire for trying to get antisemitic rapper Kanye West on his stream. This was seen as a publicity stunt, and he was judged for giving the unstable icon a platform for his harmful statements. While this fell through in the end, many were still shocked that Ross would go that far just to spark outrage and start controversy.


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