Adin Ross and Naomi Ross

Naomi Ross addresses controversy after Adin Ross views her fake OF video

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

After Naomi Ross’ fake explicit went viral, Adin Ross invited his sister on livestream to clear the air. 

Adin Ross is known for his controversial IRL content and drama-centered videos. Recently, the Kick streamer was in the headlines for being an “Andrew Tate devotee” and spreading his message while the former was behind bars. Now, Adin Ross is back under the spotlight, but for a bizarre reason. 

In a recent stream, fans tricked him into watching an explicit Only Fans video of his sister, Naomi Ross. However, later it turned out that it was someone else in the viral video. 

Naomi Ross claims she got death threats after fake video 

Adin Ross' sister Naomi Ross

Fans had sent a video with a generic thumbnail to Adin Ross, but it was actually risque content featuring a woman who looked like Noami Ross, Adin’s sister. At the time, the streamer was disgusted and enraged at his audience for pulling such a stunt.

However, it was later revealed that the woman was someone else. 

Adin Ross called over the woman in the video, Isabelle Eleanore, and his sister on a live stream to put the matter to rest. While discussing the controversy, Adin’s sister revealed that she got death threats from his viewers after the video had gone viral. 

“You guys, I get so much hate online but like in person today… I was actually out and somebody said to me, ‘Come around w—, your brother should kill you. Otherwise, we are going to,” Naomi Ross said. 

Naomi does have an Only Fans, but she clarified that she’d never post the type of content in the viral video on the internet, and her brother knows that. Adin Ross also sided with her sister, saying that she’s “far more than” what’s being posted on the internet. 

“You have skills, you’re a lovely woman, and if I was not your brother, I would marry you,” Adin Ross said. 

Who is Adin Ross’ sister? 

Naomi Ross is more than Adin Ross’ sister. She is a well-known personality on social media, with a significant following on various platforms. 

She is an influencer, fashion model, and Twitch streamer who has built a loyal fan base over time. On her Instagram account, Ross offers glimpses into her life that have helped her amass over 166k followers.